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Red Flags in a Job Interview

Tue, 12/17/2013 - 11:10am | by JaredJ

Going into a job interview, most of us are worried about what the company and the interviewers will think about us. We oftentimes forget that we are there to interview our potential company, too. You need to figure out how things work around the office, what are the job expectations, pay, management style, and if the company fits your needs and lifestyle. You’ll need to keep an eye open for any red flags, too. Here are some things you’ll want to be looking for:

Employee Morale

As you walk into the workplace, take a look around to see if the employees are happy. It shouldn’t be hard to figure out. If they aren’t happy, you’ll definitely want to take that into consideration. Regardless of how badly you may or may not need a job, are you willing to work in a place where the employees aren’t happy and enjoying their jobs? Do you want to dread going to work? If the employees aren’t happy, that’s what you could be facing. On the other hand, if you notice that workers at your potential company are happy, it may give you some extra motivation to nail your interview. Look at the employees’ body language and see if they truly look happy.

Employee Interaction

You’ll want to look and see if/how the employees are interacting with each other. Do they talk to each other? Do they enjoy each other’s company? Are they constantly talking to each other, or are they reserved to doing their work at their desks? Do they seem friendly and outgoing? Would you consider them to be introverts? When you walk in, pay attention to their interactions. That could go a long way in telling you how the company is run.

First Impression

They say that the first impression is a lasting impression, there’s a reason behind that, too. Your first impression is usually a good one. Not always, but usually. Trust your first impression. If you don’t have a good one as you walk in, you should consider asking your interviewer about it, or think about not working for the company that you’re interviewing with.

Office Pace

As you’re walking in, try to find out how quickly the office moves. You should be able to catch on to this fairly easily. If you see a lot of walking around and hear a lot of chatter, it’s likely a fast-paced job. If you’re looking for a challenge or enjoy multitasking, that could be a great job for you. If that isn’t an environment that you enjoy or think you could thrive in, then the pace of the workplace should be a huge red flag for you.

Office Equipment

You can tell how much a company values their employees by the kind of equipment they are using. If the employer goes the extra mile and stocks the office with nice, new furniture, electronics, etc., it’s likely that the company treats its employees very well. The proper equipment can be a make or break. It can assist you in getting your job done efficiently, or it can hinder you from completing your work. Look at the employees’ workspace and see if the proper tools are provided.


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