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Reduce Clutter and Organize Your Office to Increase Productivity

Wed, 06/25/2014 - 10:51am | by jennaleesmith1

Whether you’re setting up a home office or reorganizing your cubicle, you owe it to yourself to create a functional workspace. Experts suggest that reducing clutter actually increases productivity. Imagine all the time you’ll save not searching for important documents in mounds of clutter. A well-organized workspace leads to increased productivity and creativity, while decreasing stress. Plus, you’ll finally find those toner cartridges you lost in all the mayhem. In order to achieve optimal organization, you’ll need some organizers, accessories, and decorative items.

Make a Plan

Walking into clutter can leave the brain feeling fairly cluttered. With the endless mounds of paperwork and drawers filled with junk, it can be difficult knowing what to tackle first. Don’t just dive in. Instead, make a plan, listing everything that needs to be done. This is going to help you determine what you’ll need to perfect your new space.

Consider the Space

Consider the layout of your office. Do you have a lot of space to work with? Or, is the space small, just enough for minimal office furniture, like filing cabinets and your desk? The smaller the space, the more functional your office equipment needs to be. If you’re working in a tiny cubicle, you don’t want multiple phones cluttering up your desk. Instead, opt for a multi-line single telephone.

Small spaces also benefit from well-placed organizers. If you don’t have room for a tall filing cabinet, consider hanging storage bins. These handy bins save room on the floor for office furniture and equipment. Place one above your printer and use it to store printing accessories. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a lot of space to work with, you do have the option of bringing in more organizational items. Things like filing cabinets, wall racks, bookshelves, and more, all contribute to organization. It’s important to create a budget, before making any purchases. Also, shop around for the best price.

Everything in its Place

If you’re office is cluttered with endless piles of paperwork and other miscellaneous items, you’ll want to organize those first. Nearby you’ll want to have a paper shredder, a recycling bin, and filing options for the paperwork you need to keep. Keep only what you have to. Recycle or shred any paperwork that is unnecessary. Important files and things can be scanned and placed on a zip disk, before filed into a large filing cabinet or recycled.

Drawers are often cluttered with office necessities, like old toner cartridges, paper clips, pencils, and more. These items should have their own designated spaces. All of these items are necessary for a functioning workplace, but they don’t all belong together. Create stations, grouping related items together. If you have a number of paper clips, keep some in a jar on your desk and more near your printer. Having items in close proximity to what they’re used for is going to ensure you’re no longer rooting around in drawers, searching for elusive items, and wasting time.

The Final Touches

Once your office has been cleaned and organized, you’ll want to add some personal items to make the space truly yours. Place a plant on a windowsill. Hang up pictures of your children. Add your favorite books to your bookshelf. Adding personal touches to your workspace is going to help you feel more connected to the space and more comfortable at work.

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