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Self-Discipline and Time Management When Working from Home

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Guest Contributor


Whatever prompts you to work out of your house; whether it’s a desire to stay home with your children rather than paying for daycare, a response to the current job market, or simply something that falls into your lap; you may have discovered that despite the many benefits that come with self-employment or joining the remote workforce, there are also a few drawbacks.  And two of the major problems that many home-based professionals face are motivation and organization.  If you think that self-discipline and time management are two skills that you have to be born with, think again.  Anyone can learn to be responsible and efficient when it comes to working from home, and here are just a few tips and tricks that will help you to realize success in your business life.

For starters, you need to come to grips with the fact that the buck stops with you.  As a self-employed individual, you wear not just the hat of the worker, but also the boss.  And you take on the work that would normally be done by the many departments found in other businesses, including marketing, sales, and customer service, just to name a few.  That can be a bit overwhelming for someone who has spent many years focusing on one task at a time and relying on a supervisor to provide motivation and direction.  It’s easy to operate under the impression that you no longer have a “real” job because you’re giving up the corporate structure you’re used to, but the consequences should you fail to manage your time effectively and meet your deadlines are all too real.

So once you realize the seriousness of your situation, you will hopefully be motivated to do what you need to in order to succeed.  And you should begin by treating your occupation like any other job, which means operating on a set schedule.  Don’t get lazy and start sleeping until the crack of noon; continue to rise early and keep regular business hours so that you can effectively communicate with clients.  And leave your pajamas in the bedroom.  You don’t necessarily have to wear office attire, but getting up, taking a shower, and dressing for the day will help to keep you in a mindset that is conducive to performance in an office setting, which is what you should recreate in your home if you want to remain professional.

And setting a schedule only reinforces that attitude.  But you should also get the tools you need to help you work smarter rather than harder.  This means seeking out office furniture suppliers, computer hardware and software providers, and cell phone carriers and manufacturers that can offer you the equipment, services, and prices you need to make your business run smoothly.  Running your own business from home requires a lot of effort on your part to remain organized and on-task in order to bring in new clients and keep them happy.  But anyone can take the steps necessary to remain disciplined and manage their time.  And considering how much you stand to gain by running a home-based business, it behooves you to treat your profession seriously.

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