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Six Tips to Increase your B2B Roster of Clients

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

One of the first questions for a new business owner, or for a firm that is streamlining operations, is understanding how to sell your products and services in an easier format. Your challenge is to tailor your processes to fit your business-to-business customers, and make it very easy for them to buy from you.

1) Meet in person. Too often, you have no idea of what kinds of needs your business customer is looking to fill. When you set up meetings directly with the people who have the power to purchase from you, you can fine-tune your product or services to match their specific requests. Alternatively, you may come up with new tools or processes to assist your business clientele.

2) Identify any licenses, accreditations, or third-party certifications you have earned. Your ability to deliver and overall reputation for quality and professionalism are important to your business consumer. Highlight any reviews or testimonials, badges, or relevant banners or awards.

3) Clear instructions and contact information. Make your checklist very apparent, and make sure sales staff is trained and ready to make the transactions easy. If your business customers have an easy, smooth, transparent, and well-designed pathway to working with you, you'll have an easier time making the sale and capturing the repeat business.

4) Communicate. A new account setup has an incomplete or incorrect phone number, a purchase order has a missing item, or a wholesale account is lacking identifying details. How would you know unless you communicated? All of business is related to people working with other people. Trust the information you have on hand, but verify by reaching out directly to the contact and communicating about the order.

5) Status Reports. With your business clients, it's important to keep them updated on new developments or requirements for their relationship with you. Send a regular update in the form of an e-newsletter to keep your customers up-to-date and to remind them of any important details needed.

6) Celebrate accomplishments. Highlight the successes of your business customers - make your clients understand that they are part of your community, and that by supporting you, they are able to participate in a greater network of producers. You might want to highlight births, anniversaries, retirements, community awards, outreach events, and any happy occasions on behalf of your customer list.

As a B2B company, your task is to increase the ability of everyone along the supply chain to deliver their final product to the end customer. By continuing to refine your process and be more efficient and efficacious, you provide better service and a more satisfying process to all involved.


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