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Steps Toward a Less Cluttered Office

Mon, 06/23/2014 - 1:37pm | by Guest Author

A messy, disorganized home office makes it difficult to be productive. Try these simple, yet efficient cleaning and organizing tips and enjoy a cleaner, cozier fall season.

Take Control of Pesky Paper Piles

If you can’t find your electric bill or your child is constantly losing his homework, it’s time to make some changes. Papers are constantly coming into your home, from bills and bank statements to newspapers and junk mail. “Getting organized isn’t generally something that happens overnight,” says clutter coach and owner of Clear Living Inc., Karen Roehl. According to a recent poll by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, only 40 percent of Americans think they can find a document at a moment’s notice, and only 49 percent who can are able to do so with minimal searching. Use these tips to manage unruly paper piles.

  • Set up a place to keep your bills until you’re able to pay them, such as a folder in your filing cabinet or a wire basket tucked in a drawer.
  • Immediately discard junk mail as soon as you take it out of the mail box to avoid having it get mixed with more important mailings.
  • Keep magazines and catalogs for a set period of time before replacing them with new. For example, keep your copy of "Better Homes and Gardens" until next month’s issue arrives.
  • Store bills that need to be paid in a designated file or folder for safe-keeping. Set aside a day of the week or month to pay all the bills that have accumulated.
  • Cut out articles, recipes or pictures from newspapers, magazines or catalogs that you would like to keep instead of holding onto the bulky publications.

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