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Successful Women: How to Ace an Internal Interview

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 1:46pm | by Helen Hoart

Your dream job is posted on the bulletin board at work. It's exactly the opportunity you've been waiting for and would help advance your career. The question is, how do you make sure you get an interview with the boss? Your past work history will play an important role as well as how you work within the hiring process.

Companies prefer to hire from within their own ranks. They look to their interns for potential promotions. Those who have proven their value will advance quickly and move up through the ranks according to their skill level and area of expertise. Most companies encourage diversity among their interns as a way to provide themselves with a large selection of candidates with various talents.

Successful women are those who take control of their careers. They work for the things they want and do their best at every new task they attempt. The following tips can help you reach their goals and further your career.

Don't Cut Ties With Your Old Position Until You Know You Have the New One

Notices are always being posted for open positions within the company. Completing online job applications and being prepared to accept the challenge of a new position shows your employer that you have a positive attitude and want to work toward advancement. Even though you make a good impression at the interview, it's important to continue to work at your old position as if you have no intentions of leaving it. This way, you will still have a job whether or not you are hired for the new position— and you can maintain your reputation for doing quality work.

Show an Eagerness to Learn

No matter what position you hold in a company, you always have things to learn. Acting like you know everything about a position can be a turn off for members of management who are willing to train and mold a prospective candidate. Ask informed questions during the interview to illustrate your expertise while also showing your willingness to accept their advice and knowledge.

Showcase Your Strengths

Be prepared to show you are qualified and capable of taking on new responsibilities and facing new challenges by discussing examples of your success doing so in the past. Be prepared to paint a clear picture of your qualifications and accomplishments so your interviewer can clearly see that you're the best person for the job. Provide as much information as necessary to show your talents and strengths in a positive light. Be willing to answer tough questions about your weaknesses and be prepared for any challenges they may throw at you during the interview. How you handle these situations will show management you are prepared to take on anything they send your way.

Don't Go Overboard

Don't try to oversell yourself. The company is not interested in hiring someone hungry to take their jobs. They especially aren't looking for individuals with big egos. They are looking for qualified applicants who can fill the requirements of the position and perform well while doing it.

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