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Teach your Business Coaching or Personal Business Coach Clients How to Optimize Their Time

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Jeffrey Sooey

Teach all of business or personal coach clients how to control their time.

One of the most effective ways for your business coaching clients to achieve this is to employ associates or specialists on an as-needed basis. You, as a personal business coach, are the mentor.

As a rule, a specialist charges between $25 and $300 an hour to provide his expertise. A lot of your business coaching clients will take on an associate, rather than an employee, to do their website work and accounting because it is more cost effective to do so rather than have a full time web person or accountant. Therefore your personal business coach clients can conserve money and resources when they have learned to avail of temporary services.

Business Coaching: When is Your Personal Business Coach Client Ready to Hire an Assistant?

Hiring an assistant is purely a financial decision. Your business coaching client is ready to hire a full- time assistant when the additional income to be derived (from hiring the assistant) can more than offset the salary of the assistant. Your client has to determine how many hours the assistant will work and how much the client will pay the assistant per hour.

For example: if the assistant will work 10 hours per week at $10 per hour that is $100 per week.

Now, can your business coaching client increase her income more than $100 per week?
If she can answer positively, she should strongly consider hiring an assistant.


Business Coaching: Your Personal Business Coaching Client Must Do What he Does Best; Hire Others to Do the Rest

Hiring sales people is one fantastic way for your personal business coach client to increase her profits. However your business coaching client has to answer some key questions, like: what if she hired an assistant at $1,000 per month and, as a result, the assistant increased her income by $4,000 per month? Then your client could take the extra $3,000 and use it for advertising which in turn will increase her business again. Your personal business coach client can write down the scope of work of the sales assistant if she were to hire one. Employing a sales assistant may be beyond your client’s comfort zone. However, this may be the business coaching she needs to reach the breakthrough he is looking for in his practice.

Other options for different people to consider hiring are:

  • virtual assistant for scheduling and calendar-related items
  • social media intern or marketer
  • blogger or content writer
  • bookkeeper for accounts
  • legal assistance, particular for intellectual property, business incorporation, or real estate needs
  • physical trainer for ongoing health and wellness
  • housekeeping assistance
  • childcare assistance
  • personal chef or meal prep assistance


Can you think of other people that your coaching client can benefit from hiring? In general, if your client can make substantially more money in that hour than it costs to hire an assistant for that hour, it makes the most sense for your client to hire out so they can focus on what they do best.


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