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Time is Money: Tips for Getting Your Business Organized Fast

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 8:53pm | by Guest Contributor

 As the owner of a business you are no doubt aware of the delicate balancing act that goes into squeezing out a small margin of profit. When your every decision could mean the difference between ending up in the happily in the black or miserably in the red, finding ways to save money is always your chief concern.

One of the simplest tips for saving money on business expenses is to get your affairs organized quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, for many small business owners in America the disarray and lack of organization which can naturally occur while raising a family and managing a marriage can easily cross over to their professional lives. If you find yourself wasting valuable time while searching for important documents or replacing office supplies at a wasteful rate, disorganization is likely costing your business thousands of dollars each month. Remember the old maxim that "time is money" and start saving money today by taking advantage of the following tips for getting your business organized quickly and effectively.

One of the most frustrating and tedious aspects of business ownership is keeping track of the seemingly constant flow of documents which must be filed and organized on a daily basis. Bank statements, loan arrangements, expense reports, purchase and sale receipts, utility bills and other important documents must all be sorted and managed, but many business owners can fall behind and become buried under an avalanche of paperwork. Unless you can locate and produce a given document from your files or office space within 30 seconds, your lack of organization is probably costing you significant sums of money in the long run. Every minute you offhandedly spend searching through clutter and miscellaneous files to find the plans a client requested quickly adds up to hours and hours of wasted time. Organizing your files with a color coded system, such as green files for financial documents, blue for utilities and so on, is a simple way to start the process. Soon your desk will be transformed from a pit of useless paperwork to a functioning component of an increasingly profitable and well-organized business.

Depending on the type of business you operate, managing a revolving stock of inventory may be a time consuming aspect of your work day. Grocers, house painters and florists all own differing types of business ventures but each stands to save tremendous amounts of time and money by organizing their inventory process.

When you remember that time truly is money in the business world the importance of saving time by getting organized can never be understated.


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