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Time Tracking Software: Good-bye time cards, hello time tracking

Wed, 04/24/2013 - 11:38am | by Helen Hoart

One of the biggest expenses any employer faces is the cost of lost productivity, whether employees are absent or equipment breaks. Exacerbating the situation is that, unfortunately, not all employees are honest. Did you know that up to 19 percent of employees will clock in someone who isn't there at least once per year? To reduce or eliminate that possibility, many employers are moving away from the old standard of physical time clocks and moving toward time tracking software.

Instead of grabbing a time card, the employee must enter a name and a code to engage the electronic time clock. Employees benefit, for they no longer have to cut their breaks and lunches short to allow for standing in line to clock back in. They simply sign back into work from the work computer. With GeoPunch(tm), you not only are assured of the on-clock accuracy of your workforce, you also are ensured of their location when they electronically punch in. They may be able to access the software from home, but if they activate it from there, you will lock in their location for verification. I

f some of your workforce works from home, of course, the location should be at home, not at a coffee shop or a beach, for example. You've heard the adage that you have to work not just hard but work smart. Now, have your whole workforce work intelligently, aiding your efforts to reduce losses, improve productivity and increase profits with time tracking software. 

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