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Tips for Healthy Travel

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Lolita Sanchez

As an office manager, business owner, or executive, you probably realize that healthier employees are similar to happier employees - they tend to be more productive and take fewer sick days off from work. They are also more likely to stay with your firm for longer periods of time. So how do you get healthier employees?

One popular way is by incorporating an employee wellness program to boost worker morale, improve the health and fitness of employees, and increase productivity. Such company programs are designed to foster wellness in employees, regardless of their work position and environment.  A wellness program should have a positive effect on all staff members, whether they are working indoors in a factory, are in front of a computer, or are traveling abroad to sell products or attend important meetings.

You may be wondering how to involve such a wide variety of employees that may not even work in the same location. The key is to realize that lifestyle choices are one of the most important factors in overall health. People need to be knowledgeable and educated about their health so that they can take charge and achieve wholesome lifestyle goals. The secret is self-care, not healthcare. People need to take responsibility for their own personal well-being.

Teaching this crucial concept is how a wellness program can encourage all employees to participate, no matter what they do or where they are. Of course, it is easier to keep healthy when working near home. So how can employees do the same when traveling? By following some helpful and healthful on-the-go tips.

As mentioned before, having a mindset of making healthy lifestyle choices is key - and this is especially true when travelling. Try to eat healthier meals that you can still enjoy. Limit the amount of fast food that you eat, and be more active. Maybe walk to the restaurant you’re planning to eat in if it’s within walking distance. These decisions can improve your demeanor with clients and customers.

As part of a wellness program, give employees fitness promotional products that they can use when traveling and promote the business as well! For example, give them a water bottle with logo imprinted on it. This can encourage them to drink more water, which is essential for maintaining a healthy body. They can even take the bottle to meetings to help them stay hydrated and keep away from sodas.

Now that you have the right way of thinking, make sure you are always prepared. When you feel hungry and are short on time, don’t go straight to the junk food. Instead, carry a healthy snack and some fruit to tide you over. Being prepared gives you the opportunity to make smart decisions.

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