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Tips on How to Become a Career Coach- Career Coaching Tools to Help You on Your Coaching Job

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Jeffrey Sooey

If your problem is how to become a career coach with the ability to satisfy clients then you must find a way to develop yourself into one. How can you teach your clients about personal development if you yourself haven’t gone through personal development? You cannot give anything if you have nothing. And you will not go anywhere if you don’t have the courage to take your first step. It is just normal to experience downfall, yet you have to try if you want to grow. Every time you fall is an opportunity to learn new things. Just make sure that you won’t repeat your mistakes and stumble on the same stone. Get rid of your fears because if you make a room for them you will have a hard time getting the other things you desire in life. 

Use the following career coaching tools for you to acquire the characteristics of a good coach for your clients.

How to Become a Career Coach: Face Your Fears

Every individual has fears and if you won’t make a move to overcome your fears then it will surely hold you back towards reaching your goals. Don’t let your fears win over your dreams. If you want to get over your fears then try out one of the best career coaching tools which is called erasure technique. If you are continuously being reminded of your painful mistakes in the past and somehow have this feeling that you are being burdened with these unhealthy thoughts, you can try this technique. It will teach you how to deal with your fears. When you are caught in the moment of reminiscing your past mistakes, just try making it look funny. Try to use your imagination and imagine things differently. That way you are able to slowly forget your past, which only brings sadness.

How to Become a Career Coach: Eliminate Your Fears

You cannot eliminate your enemy if you don’t know who your enemy is. You have to know why you have these fears within you. Finding out the root cause of such fears can help you determine the real problem which is helpful in formulating the right solution. You can try out using the career coaching tools of self assessment. Ask yourself several questions about how you feel about your fears and what aggravates your feelings. After answering those questions, think of a way that would make you feel better, something that can make you forget those feelings. After learning how to become a career coach and becoming the person that has confidence on his work, you'll be sure that your client won’t regret hiring a coach like you, a coach who has something to be proud of- an individual who managed to overcome their own fears.


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