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Top 5 Best Girlfriend Getaways

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Guest Contributor


Disappearing for a weekend away with the girls isn’t just for college kids anymore:  an increasing number of women over the age of twenty-five are seeking quick getaways from their partners and kids to spend time with just their girlfriends for a few days of adventure and relaxation.  Your mini-vaycay doesn’t have to chain you to the same restaurant or bar or even the same town that you usually frequent.  Anymore, a weekend away means some traveling!  Here are the top five best places to spend some quality time with just the girls:

What happens in Vegas …stays in Vegas!  Always a popular spot for people into gambling and big name entertainment, Vegas has grown into the destination for women all over the country to get away with their girlfriends.  A little research can afford you a sweet deal for you and your partners in crime that can yield you a combo package including a stay at well known hotels and casinos as well as spa pampering.  And you might take a break from the slots to visit the City of Angels for a day of shopping in Beverly Hills.

The Wonders of the Wild West!  Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is located at the foot of the gorgeous Teton Mountains and offers adventure for your entire party, especially if y’all are nature-inclined.  Take a few days for hiking, rafting on the Snake River, and top it off with a stay at one of the many guest ranches available.  You might even be privileged enough to see some exotic wildlife like a moose … or a bear!

Take a cruise!  Charter a yacht and explore the Cayman Islands, which allows you to play in the water while snorkeling or scuba diving.  After you’re done in the water you can complete your vacation at the Ritz Carlton, a perfect place to relax with the girls and enjoy some tropical beverages.

A taste of wine.  Gather your crew and head out for Napa Valley and sample as much wine as you can stand while visiting their extensive number of wineries.  But you might also take the opportunity to make it yourself by visiting the Crush Camp, where you will learn all the steps that go into winemaking.  Take a page from Lucille Ball and jump all over those grapes … let you and your girls go wild!

The Big Apple!  If you’re feeling like some big city culture, step out on the town like the girl in Sex and the City and spent a weekend in New York, especially if you’ve never been before.  Take in a Broadway show (or three!), spend a few hours in Central Park to visit the zoo and the Bethesda Fountain or to take a carriage ride, and make sure to drop in on some of the shops on Madison Avenue!  Taking the subway is quick and affordable, and if you ever feel lost, you can be sure that there is always someone who will happily point out the best way to get to your destination – New Yorkers are legendary for their hospitality and helpfulness when it comes to showing their city pride. 

So have fun, girls …just don’t max out those travel credit cards!

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