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Top 5 Investment Blogs To Follow

Thu, 04/23/2015 - 5:47am | by Norah Martin

There has never been an investor who has achieved success without having the proper knowledge and the right information, at the right time. So, if you are planning to invest some money, do not expect things to be different for you, since they surely will not be: you will not be the lucky one, who blindly puts some money at stake and wins in the end. Investing is not the lottery, therefore you should roll up your sleeves and find out as much as you can about this subject beforehand. Nowadays, numerous investment blogs contain much helpful advice and they are at everyone’s disposal. In this article we will talk about the top 5 investment blogs you should be following right now, and you should dedicate some time to exploring their content in order to conduct a thorough research, get to know the basics at least, and learn lots of useful tips before you get involved in the stock market.

Planting Money Seeds

Let us start with the Planting Money Seeds blog. There is a strong reason to start with this one in particular. As you can easily deduce from its name - it is focused on the very beginning of an investing career, so you ought to here. The blog itself is really interesting and even those who are not into investing at all could find it funny and would enjoy reading their articles. They provide people with some crucial details and should you make use of their guidance, you will absolutely not feel like taking a leap of faith when investing for the first time. Also, the techniques they advise are truly practical and it is all as clear as day, so you will have no trouble understanding any of the things they are talking about.

The Investor Junkie

The Investor Junkie was founded by Larry Ludwig, and offers much more than your garden-variety investment advice. Larry and his team of contributors compile advice and alternative ways to earn more money, and have a lot of fun by doing so. Larry himself is not a finance professional, but has started a website in order to help people like himself, who are passionate about investing, yet are not exactly professionals in the field. There are no “get rich quick” methods here – if you are looking to make a fortune overnight, the Investor Junkie may not be the right choice for you. However if you aim for a steady increase in income, Larry and his team are always ready to share their experiences.

Timothy Sykes’ Blog

If you have ever tried to dig up some information about investing, you have probably bumped into the name of Timothy Sykes numerous times. Tim is a famous penny stock trader and he is a true expert in this field. His blog is probably the most popular penny stock investment blog that has ever existed and there is a strong reason for that. Believe it or not, the blog’s annual income is estimated to be about $20 million. However, this is not surprising at all, since this blog contains various phenomenal tips related to the penny-stock market in which he is specialized. So, if you think that penny-stock trading is the right thing for you, look no further from his great blog, since there really is no blog that could parry that of Tim’s.

Girls Just Wanna Have Funds and The College Investor

These two award winning blogs are aiming for narrowly specified groups of people: women and students. The first one is trying to prove that female investors are not to be neglected. So, they are striving and really doing their best to help any woman make a successful career in order to create some sort of independence and financial freedom, which is an absolutely brilliant idea, and has proven to be quite successful. The other one was made by newly-graduated students back in 2009 and has been really popular to this very day. It is great for students who are willing to invest, since all the information they will be getting is coming from utterly clever students who know exactly what their fellows are capable of and need to do. So, if you are young, perspective and full of enthusiasm, check it out right away and start making your own way towards success without breaking a sweat.

Last, but not least, is another useful tip for all of you soon-to-be investors. Do not expect to find everything you need on a blog, do not expect someone else to do the job, since that could be helpful only in the beginning; after that huge and tough first step, you must realize that it is all up to you. Arm yourself with all the information you can get, and be careful where you choose to invest your money. After learning from other people’s successes, you will surely be on your way to make your own first dollars. 

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