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Top 5 Ways That Money Problems Lead to Divorce

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 8:49pm | by Guest Contributor

Among the top contenders of divorce-causing problems is money. Money stress can drastically change the dynamics of even the happiest marriage. Though it's rarely the only reason a couple divorces, stressing over finances often seeps into all other aspects of life. Below are 5 of the top ways money problems lead to divorce. Being aware of these at all stages of a marriage could help you and your spouse communicate through your financial problems.

1) Different values when it comes to spending money can cause of a lot problem for couples. If you believe in the importance of paying for expensive music lessons and your spouse believes that money should go toward college, you're not likely to change each other's opinions. If your spouse is an advocate of saving as much as possible each month and you believe in spending more, it would be hard to ever agree on what where money should or shouldn't be spent. Your values when it comes to spending money reflects how your values in other areas of your life could also be a source of constant disagreement.

2) It might sound like a divorce cliché by this point but gambling problems and other money secrets often lead to divorce. This still goes back to the value each partner finds the different ways to spend money. It would be devastating to have spent months trying to save for, say a vacation, when your spouse is losing gambling at the same time. Again, consider how an addiction like gambling would seep into other areas of life. If you're keeping secrets about money from your spouse or vice versa, what other secrets are being kept?

3) Many married couples also find issues in who has control over finances when one partner is the main source of income. Some believe the earner has the right to decide how and when money is spent. A spouse who doesn't work outside of the house would probably feel differently since he or she manages the household and would best know what's needed and when.

4) An unstable income causes stress in anyone's life but when you add that to the stress of a marriage, you might face divorce. Making it through both financial ups and downs can be really difficult for some couples. Whether they're fighting over how to spend extra money they have or over what costs to cut in a tight budget, the problem is they're fighting. Money problems in a marriage are by no means always because of a lack of money. Knowing you can communicate with your partner through all financial situations is important for a strong marriage.

5) The way each partner views debt and paying off debt can result in strain on a marriage. If you believe in pumping every extra penny into debt and your spouse feels differently, there's yet another source of tension. Further, if you each entered the marriage with different amounts of debt, how much are you responsible for your spouse's debt and how much is he or she responsible for yours? If you can talk about debt with your spouse, you're more likely to succeed in a marriage.

As mentioned above, money is rarely the only cause of a divorce. If you feel you're heading toward divorce for any reason, you might consider looking into online divorce services. If money is a cause of your problems, you may at least be able to save money during a divorce by saving on attorney fees.

Though it may seem like money is a major cause of failed marriage, if you analyze the financial problems, you might see how the money matters are merely reflecting other failing areas of the marriage. The ability to be open and honest about money opens avenues to being open and honest all around. Before getting married it's advisable to make sure you and your partner understands each other's financial beliefs. The best way to understand each other is to always communicate.

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