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Top Attributes Shared by Successful Women

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Guest Contributor

These days, women make up fifty-seven percent of college grads and fifty percent of the American workforce. In the US, women are now dominating careers that once went only to men. Successful women are everywhere these days. But different women define the word success differently. For some, success equals money, while for others it is nurturing a happy, healthy family. Whatever the measure, there are some specific common traits found among successful women.

  1. Successful women know what they want. Whether it is to move up within their company, to own their own business, to start a family or to achieve a higher level of education, successful women know what they want out of life. Defining personal goals, both immediate and lifelong is the first step toward success. Say it out loud and the possibility becomes more real.

  2. Successful women are flexible. Anybody who's been around or a while knows that rarely does anything happen exactly the way it is first imagined. There is always a gray area that needs to be navigated. No matter how neatly laid the plan- life is messy. Having certain level of flexibility will allow you to navigate the murky waters and stay on board the boat. It's not that a woman can't have it all, it's that she may not be able to have it all right now. Prioritization is key and so is realizing that letting go of one opportunity that may not have come along at an ideal time, will open up a door to another.

  3. It's no secret that many women are naturally great strategic thinkers. This is a good thing and a major, must have skill when it comes to successfully planning your life. Whether you're a professional strategic leader with a master of science in strategic leadership under your belt or, you just choose to employ a strategic approach in your day-to-day life, having a well planned strategy for how to attain your goals will allow you move from one thing to the next on a clear path and with the end always in sight.

  4. Be honest with you. Successful women are not afraid to reassess. It is important to be honest about whether or not a plan is working out in your favor. Whether you have sales, savings or weight loss goals, make sure the plan you've laid out is helping you get to those goals. If it is not, don't spend time trying to make it work. Instead, reshape the plan so that it will work out in your favor. Get different sales staff, cut personal spending, or change your diet. Be honest with yourself and don't be afraid of change. Women's intuition should count for a lot. Listen to the little voice in the back of your head. It's trying to guide you down the right path and will very rarely point you in the wrong direction.

  5. Successful women a lot of responsibility for their own actions. They do not count on others to come through for them. Smart, successful women are not afraid to rely on their own intelligence and fortitude. They trust the decisions they make and don't ask for permission. They think things through, whether it be on their own or with partners, develop a plan, and then execute.

It's hard work being a successful woman, but well worth the energy spent to be able to say your life is your own.

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