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Top Health Issues for Aging Women

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Guest Contributor

They say that wine only gets better with time and honestly, when it comes to the maturity of a woman, this resolve also applies. While women are naturally beautiful in their own right at any age, there's nothing like the confidence and peace of mind that seems to come only with the passing of years and the growth from experience. Therefore, aging isn't something that women should fear; they should lovingly embrace it.

One of the best ways to do that is to be knowledgeable about how time affects your health because once you are aware of your potential physical transitions, you are then better equipped to provide your body with what it needs. When that happens, you'll look up one day only to realize that you are the walking definition of growing older...gracefully. And that can be a wonderful thing.

Are you wondering about what some of the top heal issues are for aging women? Here are a few.

Your metabolism shifts. Remember how in your twenties you could eat an entire pizza a couple of days per week and still wear a bikini on the beach? Those days are long gone. Matter of fact, on average, women gain about ten pounds per year and a big part of this is due to the fact that their metabolism slows down over time. This doesn't just affect a woman's appearance, but because aging often leads to the body needing less calories (no more than 2,200 and no less than 1,500), this means that older woman have to be extra aware of the foods that they eat to get the proper nutrients that their body requires. Salt and sugar intake needs to decrease (due to blood pressure and cholesterol concerns) and fruits, vegetables and calcium supplements should become more of a priority than ever. Another thing to combat a sluggish metabolism is a weekly exercise routine. It keeps the blood flowing, toxins flushed, energy up and calories burned.

Your eyes and ears are not as sharp. This tends to affect women differently, partially due to factors like DNA, lifestyle choices and even the kind of employment that they have, but if you're noticing that you have to turn the volume up a bit on your phone or that you require reading glasses while checking out the Sunday newspaper, you should definitely alert your health care provider, but usually it's nothing to be overly alarmed about. Our senses often weaken with time. However, it is advisable to take note that cataract (cloudy-like areas in the eye lens) and Glaucoma (an eye disease commonly found in African American women) are two things that you should discuss with your doctor, especially after the age of about 60, just for safe measure. When it comes to your hearing, approximately one-third of all Americans between the ages of 65-75 have some form of hearing loss, but technology is ever-changing and so there are many more solutions to remedy this issue than in times past from medications and implants to virtually invisible hearing aids and restorative outpatient surgery procedures.

You will go through menopause. Usually between the ages of 45-50, a woman will start to go through menopause, the ending of her menstrual cycles. This brings about a drastic shift in her hormone levels, which can affect everything from sleeping and eating habits to moods and one's sex drive. Matter of fact, for many women, for a season, sex can be either something that they are not interested in or it's even an act that is uncomfortable because their body is reacting differently. There are both medical and homeopathic approaches to treating menopause from estrogen shots to taking Evening Primrose Oil and applying Wild Yam cream. However you decide to address your menopause systems, just make sure not the self-diagnose a remedy. You will definitely need a professional to assist you.

This is just an introduction to some of the health issues that affect aging women, but if there's one thing that women are gifted with, it is intuitiveness. So, if you sense that something has changed, you should make an appointment with your doctor. These days, aging doesn't have to feel like a flashing billboard that you have to wear. There are lots of products that cater to a woman's adjusting needs, including medical alert jewelry for women so that they don't have to feel self-conscious about being diabetic, having high blood pressure or heart disease. Yes, things change with age, but remember that the most important thing is that you're blessed to be here to experience the journey. Do everything in your power to enjoy the ride.

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