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Was your business beaten by the recession or did your business beat the recession?

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by RachaelO

With the world economy being one of the major points of focus in 2011 and without a doubt it will continue to be in 2012, businesses were faced with challenging times and had to make difficult business decisions to survive.

From the book “Lessons learned from the Recession”, here are 20 business quotes from business owners representing different industry sectors, which reflect their recession experience. Enjoy.

  • “Recessions force us to evaluate what we are doing” – Mark Stephens – Recruitment Industry
  • “If you react, you will struggle. Smart organisations respond” – Richard Norris – Professional Services
  • “ Develop a strategy with a focus on marketing” – Stefan Boyle - Printing Services
  • “ Optimism in a tough economy is a learned business skill” – Tito Nath – Health and Beauty Industry
  • “Don’t be frightened to change what you do and how you do it” - Christopher Lundie  - Security and Cleaning Services
  • “Look at it as a potential opportunity to grow your business” – Mark Wickersham – Accountancy Services
  • “Develop your vision by identifying your industry” ­- Kym Williams – Infrastructure, Mining and Local Government
  • “Skilled personnel is available due to redundancies” – Steve Olsher – Internet, Property, Retail
  • “Focus on the positive and avoid the negative risk of not changing” – Jon Clarke – Marketing
  • “Recessions expose the flaw in your business tactics” – Edward Peppit – Publishing
  • “Businesses that recognise the importance of supporting their people will thrive” – Liggy Webb – Learning and Development
  • “Build your business through referrals” – Sharyn Abbott – Business and Entrepreneur Development
  • “In times of hardship, retain your key team members” – Ed Derbyshire – Aerospace Industry
  • “Business Satisfaction is realising the business is not just about you” – Roger Whittaker – Retail Art
  • “Adopt the mindset of your customers”- Kendra Lee – Information Technology
  • “During a recession, become more strategic in your thinking and spending” – Jonathan Jay – Marketing
  • “Looking for the secret to wealth and success? Make your name known” – Daniel Priestley – Event Management
  • “You discover your true potential during harsh times” - Zeeshan Kureshi – IT/Online Publishing
  • “People don’t buy what you do; they buy what you believe in” – Paul Dunn – Philanthropy



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