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Why "Change" is Essential to Healing

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by TishaMorris


 One of my favorite books I recommend to clients is You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. I absolutely love this book. If there was such a thing as a recipe for making permanent changes on either or all of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, then this book would be it.

When I recommend this book, however, I can tell some people question whether they need to do something as extreme as “heal”, particularly those without a physical illness or disease. If I could read their mind, they would be saying, “Healing is for sick people. And I’m not sick.” But the word “heal” is synonymous with the word “change.” To heal is to change. And most everyone wants to change their life in some way or another. And, healers are essentially transformers, or instruments of change.

If you don’t have a physical illness, then why do you need to heal or change? Simple. So that you won’t get a physical illness or disease. All physical ailments start out on the emotional or mental levels way before they ever reach the physical body. The physical body is the outward manifestation of our mind. Thus, the body is the last resort, or the red flag, that lets us know that major changes are needed. So, ideally, we make the necessary changes, or heal, before the physical body ever gets involved. Oh, and did I mention another reason we want to heal… so that we can live the best and most fulfilling life we can.

What about genetic diseases? You might ask how someone is supposed to change something that they didn’t even create in the first place. When a genetic disease is passed down, what is passed down is the mental or emotional belief system that creates the disease, not the physical disease itself. It is scientifically proven that DNA can be changed with our mind. And when DNA is changed, genetic diseases are changed.

Why do you have to change to heal? We live in an ever expanding and evolving Universe. I am not saying this as a prophetic spiritual statement, but as a scientific fact. The common phrase “evolve or die” succinctly sums it up. You have also probably heard the phrase, “the only guarantee in life is change.” We are here on Earth to grow and evolve. It is impossible to improve your life, including health, without making some change. In extreme cases, the “change” may be surgery, which may as a result prompt one to make a change, i.e. pattern, belief. (For example, after having a minor, same-day surgery a few years ago, the experience was so undesirable for me that it awakened me to take preventative care steps to hopefully avoid ever having to be in a hospital again!)

If surgery is still not enough to prompt a change, then the problem will rearise somewhere else in the body—in some form, at some point. We are living in a world where we are bombarded by messages of quick fixes and have grown to believe that we can change our life without making changes!

What prevents us from change? Fear. More specifically, we get caught up in old patterns (or ruts) because they are “safe” and “known”. Fear is of the unknown, even if the unknown could be heaven on earth. These patterns could be the result of inherited family patterns, unserving belief systems, and/or karma. When something finally becomes too painful to continue, either physically or emotionally, then one will finally make a change (or make a more dramatic transition from Earth). But why put yourself through the years of painful misery? Instead, make a conscious change, or, in other words, choose to heal.

Love – for ourself or others—is at the core of all change. And when we make a change that is in our highest and best interest it always comes from the heart. Think about major changes that you have made in your life that have been beneficial for your growth, evolution, and happiness. They all involved loving yourself or someone else. Perhaps, it was taking the risk to move across the country to be with someone you love, or breaking up with someone that you knew was not in your highest and best interest. Maybe it was loving yourself enough to take a risk with a job or school that was more in alignment with your life purpose. Or perhaps it was changing a belief system in order to tap into your unconditionally loving someone.

Heal = Change

Change = Love

Love = Heal

Love always comes from the heart. Open your heart and you will heal or, vice versa, heal by opening your heart!



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