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Why You Should Carry Business Cards with You Wherever You Go

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Guest Contributor

In the business world very little carries more weight than a well known name. A name that retains clout is priceless when it comes to acquiring licenses and retaining contracts. People always feel for comfortable around established names with professionals they have heard of. So how does one get herself to being known amongst their industry? As it turns out business cards can be an excellent start. Producing business cards well run you a negligible sum with almost immediately recognizable results.

For most women looking for success the largest bridge to cross is always that of integration into a new industry. If you’re fresh and a little green than the challenges ahead of you might seem pretty dire. Getting to know people through networking and intermingling with clients and suppliers is the best way to get your foot in the door, get your name out, and show yourself as a fierce new competitor in your field. And behind each of those interactions should be a business card. The business card helps define you to other industry professionals. It carries your name and is a representation of your professionalism and business persona. You should have a card that well matches your business strategy and is a good indication of the type of relationship people can expect from you and your company. A lot of a times a well designed card can say more than you can in a quick meeting, or even more important say something you’ve forgot. It also opens up new avenues of interaction and gives an excuse to discuss business ventures and practices with prospective clients and distributors or vendors.

From a stand-point of competition the business card might be the only thing that differentiates you from your rivals. Inundated with names and proposals, a company might have to rely on very little information in scaling down its short list of possibilities. A promising card with the right credentials and buzz words can make the difference between interest in you and your company or being tossed out as a potential business partner.

In addition to this you never know when you’ll accidentally happen upon a potential business connection. Happen to run into that mid-level company CEO while grocery shopping? Well there’s your in. But you better have a card to show for it, something to make the interaction stick. This is especially so for people working in a freelance field without an integrated network for you to move up in. As the popular phrase goes: ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ and in the business world this is most certainly the case.

There is probably a different perfect business card for every business woman. While designing yours remember to keep to certain principals. It’s best not to follow free business card offers in exchange for reverse side advertisement, as it speaks poorly of your status. Keep it simple, legible, and - depending on industry – clutter free. And most important make sure it fits your style. It’s your biggest chance to say something to people who might never hear you.

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