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Why Your Business Needs a Solid Email Marketing List

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Guest Contributor

As social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter continue to grow, some people wonder if having (and needing) an email address will soon be a thing of the past. That's not something that we should be too concerned about. Matter of fact, there was a recent article that reported that there are millions of people that are either leaving Facebook or only check their account once or twice a month. These same people probably have an email address, and it's highly doubtful that those individuals will shut down their Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail accounts any time soon. Why? Because if you want to (personally) connect with others in cyberspace, you need an email account to do so.

That's the "cut to the chase" reason why every business needs a solid email marketing list: It gives you a way to connect with customers online. But, if you need some more detailed reasons, here are three that will hopefully get you to start your own email marketing list soon.

It's a More Personal (and Private) Form of Communication

Oftentimes, when we think of the phrase "social media", we think about the media word without really honing in on the social part of it. Yet, social does not always mean personal. On Facebook, people don't send messages to the inbox nearly as much as they post something on a profile wall. And how many of us have read about "Twitter wars" that have transpired all because something was said about someone else in a tweet? However, when it comes to email accounts, that's more of a personal and direct way of connecting with someone. It tends to be more intentional, more private and honestly, more mature. So, when you want to conduct business, think about it. What makes more sense? Sending someone a sentence on their profile wall or actually constructing a (news)letter and sending it to their email account? It's a pretty safe bet that most of you would vote for the latter.

It's a Great (and Spam-free) Way to Market Your Business

Whether you're personally requesting email addresses at a conference or event, you're using a newsletter format like Constant Contact or you have some kind of double opt-in email provider system, the wonderful thing about all of these methods is that they signify the fact that people offered you their contact information. In other words, they want to be notified about the services, sales and opportunities that your business has available. A phrase to describe this kind of advertising is "pure permission marketing" and it's great because these kinds of people tend to not just be fly by night Facebook fans or Twitter followers, but individuals that will take both you and your business very seriously. When they see an email from you, they'll read it for more reasons than it was running on the home page of their newsfeed.

It's a Proven Way to Make More Money

And isn't this the best reason of all? It takes time to develop an email marketing list, but it's well worth the time, energy and effort. This because when you have a mass communication platform, it means that you also have a lot of people that you can let know about your products, discounts and the other benefits that they, as potential customers, can take advantage of---financially. One reason why a lot of people gravitate to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is because they can reach hundreds (if not thousands) of people at one time. But if you use those accounts to solicit email addresses, you have also created a way of connecting to people directly for years to come. And honestly, if you're connected to them, you're connected to the potential of being able to do business with them too. An email address is more than a way to communicate. It's also a wonderful way to do e-commerce as well.

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