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5 Wearable Ways to Sell your Brand

Thu, 01/17/2013 - 10:23am | by monicadear

As successful women, we are always looking for new ways to market our abilities and to think of new ways to turn our personal knowledge, skills, and unique talents into products. Here are some ideas to turn your personal design or your business or brand into a wearable piece: 1) Consider the opportunity to market your business through t-shirts and custom t-shirt printing. You can create your own t-shirt designs and then have the designs printed on-demand onto men's and women's polo shirts, hoodies, vests, aprons, and even children's clothing. T-shirts can be printed and sent to you overnight in the UK and soon thereafter to the United States - minimal waiting and you're ready to go with a "wearable brochure" to your next event. 2) If your primary customer base is office workers or homemakers, consider selling your logo emblazoned on a mug. Because most coffee and tea drinkers imbibe daily, this is an easy way to get your message out there on a regular basis. 3) If your business is outdoorsy or adventure or sports-related, it may make sense to post your customized design onto athletic wear or cargo jackets and find spokespeople to wear your products when they're surfing, roller-derbying, or skiing. 4) Maybe you offer gourmet food or drink through your business - if so, create a memorable gift by customizing your design on an apron. Giving the apron to a key contact, along with a fruit basket or a sample of your product might be a perfect way to get your material noticed. 5) Perhaps you have a business or organization that relies on on-site sales, like festivals, booths, or conferences - you can print up your own "swag" and sell t-shirts or give them away as prizes at the event. If you have opportunities to give a "leave-behind" as a way to keep your company name in the forefront of your customer or potential lead, use these options to add more "pizzaz" and "flair" than a regular brochure or business card. With "wearable" marekting, you have an opportunity to customize your offerings, share with your desired auidence, and give something with good staying power and attention-getting effect.

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