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Being Cost-Conscious -

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear


In today's cost-conscious world, we are all looking for great bargains, the best information, and the most up-to-date deals. It's a matter-of-fact that we want to do as much research as possible before we shell out money to purchase items for the home or the business. It's kind of like being in the savannah, and hunting for gazelle and lions -- only the people who knew where the beasts of prey were hanging out were the ones who would be able to eat, survive, and reproduce. 
So, how do we get access to this information today? coupons is a great resource where you can find discounts, coupon deals, and offers. This community site -- made up of real people like you and me -- allows us all to share information about items as exotic as airline tickets and vacations, or as mundane as pet toys and garden tools.
In the past I've shopped online, like at Apple, Amazon, and CSN Stores for office equipment and gifts, and at Hawaiian and Southwest Airlines for airplane tickets. I've also shopped at local retailers in my town for house and garden supplies. However, no shopping excursion is complete without the best coupons -- 10% to 20% off if you search -- or at least a customer card where my purchases get tallied up over time.
The site prides itself on being "a safe haven of high quality, reliable deals" and deals are listed from larger companies like 1-800, AT&T Wireless, JCPenney, Eddie Bauer, Toys R Us, Victoria's Secret and Travelocity, as well as from more niche places like VistaPrint, Ann Taylor LOFT, iRobot, Modcloth, and The Knot.
You can join as a member to offer information and your own deals that you've found, or visit the Coupons section for additional up-to-the-minute discounts. In today's economy, every dollar/pound/euro/yen saved makes a difference, and helps you make the most of your purchases.

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