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Investment Opportunities for Women

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 9:15pm | by monicadear

As women control more and more of family and household finances, it is imperative that we educate ourselves about the possibilities and options for saving money and building a nest egg, both to protect our own future and to help with our families. There are many opportunities for investment. The most common investment vehicle you think of when thinking of investing is as a stock market investor, but you may also do tasks such as buying real estate, starting a business, investing in private endeavors, or coming up with your own intellectual properties.

If you have not started your self-education process, please do, and consider the following as topics to review:

Investment Notes To learn more:
real estate holding real estate may be a sure investment for you if you're comfortable with land, lots, houses, apartment buildings, or even commercial properties deeds, seller financing, amortization schedule, tenant rights, insurance
brokerage account investing in securities may work if you're comforable learning about the ongoing business environment and you're interested in publicly-traded companies stocks, options, mutual funds, retirement account, dividends
private companies you may want to invest in your own company (start your own business) or be a shareholder in someone else's company S-corp, C-corp, LLC, intellectual property
creative endeavors consider making your own books, e-books, musical recordings, digital films, or other creative properties, as an individual or as part of a group intellectual property, royalties, contract agreements

I recommend you continue your investment education by learning about different investment terms, starting up a "money group" with other women in your community, and consistently challenging yourself to think about these types of topics.

At the very least, you will create an analysis of your net worth, a firm list of all assets and all debts, a budget/spending plan, and an ongoing retirement plan. A resource offered by the United States government is:


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