People Remember the Way you Make them Feel

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Maya Angelou has a wonderful quote about feelings: "People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel."

When I look back with gratitude upon the people in my life, what most stands out for me in terms of how I remember how someone made me feel is through their handwritten notes, birthday cards, holiday greetings, love messages, and simple words of affection.

People's feelings live on through their handwritten words. It's unfortunate when it's a failed romance (I do recommend destroying those love letters) but it's absolutely wonderful when it's a dear friend (I recommend keeping those special notes celebrating holidays or vacations, or conveying get-well messages, or offering sympathy and affection).

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I've held on to pen pal letters from my childhood,  post-college correspondence with treasured friends, and letters from my family. In a world of instant SMS, e-mail, and FB posting, I find that having that good ol' fashioned connection of putting pen to paper makes a heartfelt difference that is most appreciated.

A great idea for your ongoing correspondence with special friends and loved ones is to get personalized stationery (like cream-colored note cards with envelopes), a stylish, modern, smooth-flowing pen like those from the Parker Ingenuity collection, a roll of stamps, and a list of mailing addresses.

Your writing experience will be something you enjoy and look forward to: with a wonderful paper surface and the flowing experience of writing, you'll be inspired to create and send mementos of your friendship, allegiance, and love with the people to whom you write.

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