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Make your Passion into a Reality - Crowdfund your Green Project through

Tue, 05/10/2011 - 11:51pm | by monicadear

If you have an idea for a green business, and you have a relatively stable plan and a good sense of how to reach your customers or clients, then consider using GreenFunder to raise the startup capital for your endeavor. is a new fundraising site for socially responsible projects and businesses which is now actively seeking proposals.

 Projects go live and funding starts on Wednesday, May 25: a project could be a simple as a student field trip and as complex as a green business startup. The site is designed so that any level of user, from student or youth, to teacher, nonprofit organizer, to religious group or PTA, to entrepreneur, can post a project and get the funding they need.  Individuals and organizations can test, market, fund, and sell their projects, products, or events, risk-free, and retain 100% ownership.

Every person has ideas to help make the world a better place.
I’m so happy to offer a tool that allows people to see those ideas through to fruition.

If you're creating a project, you can set a funding goal and deadline, create rewards for your funders (such as badges, products, gift bags, or recognition) and market your project through text, video, and images.

GreenFunder co-founder Molly Rasmussen grew up in Maui, Hawaii, received a degree from Cornell University, and moved to Venice, California where she worked as a swimwear designer for 6 years. She found swimwear production to be environmentally unfriendly and watched production move overseas.

Rasmussen understands the difficulty for startup entrepreneurs: the typical startup planning phase consists of developing an idea, writing a business plan, getting capital through a loan or investors, producing the product, and then finding customers.

Looking for a better solution, she and her co-founder and online entrepreneur, Stason Strong, created to eliminate the expense and risk while helping the environment and local communities. “Instead of developing a business plan, looking for investors and loans, producing and then testing the product, GreenFunder allows you to test and market your product before spending a dime. We love GreenFunder because anyone can use it — individuals or groups, businesses or nonprofits — to get their ideas off the ground.”

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