Alix Soubiran

ASuccessfulWoman.com Interviews: Alix Soubiran

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Parisian artist Alix Soubiran has many titles as mom, artist, muralist and and wallpaper designer. Alix created Los Angeles based wallpaper line Princes & Crows in January 2008. The company produces and manufactures all of their products in Los Angeles. She has created murals and painted décors in high-end residences around the world over including: St Tropez, Las Vegas, Paris, London, Mustique Island, Miami and Los Angeles to name a few. As a portrait artist, she has shown in galleries in NYC, Los Angeles and London at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition in 2004 curated by David Hockney.

Question 1: 

My business is home-based which allows me to enjoy different relaxing activities  throughout a work day. I sometimes practice guitar between series of e-mails and phone calls. I often ride my bike and get some fresh air when I feel I need a particularly clear head for an important business decision. Music, Sunshine and fresh air are my stress reducers. 

Question 2: 

I don't believe you can get serious work done with young children around, at least I couldn't. I would suggest finding a good day care or nanny so you can devote 6 to 8 hours to work a day. Then once I pick-up my daughter from daycare, I switch my phone and my computer off so I can enjoy my time with her fully.

I also suggest creating a professional and enjoyable work environment in your home. I like having fresh flowers on my desk and tidying the house at night so it is impeccable in the morning. It is so easy when you work at home to wear pajamas but I feel it is important to get ready and dress in a cute outfit even if you are not planning on meeting with clients.

Question 3: 

I used a company online that offers packages to incorporate your business and help you with the administrative paperwork involved in the beginning process. I am not very internet savvy but luckily I can use Google to find information on almost anything. Facebook has been very helpful to me in updating people about upcoming business projects.

It is important to create direct relationships with people in your industry. Meeting and reaching out to people you look up to is enlightening and often an enjoyable experience. You would be surprised how much people are open to share their wisdom.

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