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2007 - Welcome to the Newsletter

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

A Successful Woman is dedicated to your success. We welcome you and 

look forward to your participation with the group. 



Integrity in Action: 

Women in business succeed when we keep our word, when we work to 

create quality and value in our products and services, and when we 

foster integrity in our personal and professional relationships. We 

pledge to remain consistent, genuine, and truthful in our development, 

as a whole group and as individual members. 


Creating Community: 

We believe that people work best in a spirit of community, and we 

strive to encourage member participation and member growth through our 

online and in-person networking meetings, workshops, and events. 

Success in today's interconnected, global village requires strong 

bonds in our relationships with each other, constant growth from entry- 

level to retirement, and the spirit of sharing. We are all connected. 


Growth through Challenge: 

Our ongoing membership activities develop professional growth. Through 

our focus on action and measurable results, we encourage members to 

add value to their businesses through consistently finding better 

solutions. We share information, market trends, new ideas, and methods 

as a way to support each other's growth. 


For more details, please visit 

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