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2008 - Newsletter #2

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear E-newsletter 

December 11, 2008 

Welcome to! 


Thank you so much for joining the community. 

The purpose of our community is to empower, educate, and connect with 

other women. I envision A Successful Woman as a network of like-minded 

women. I myself am a minority woman in business (as a web developer) 

and I've often thought that there are many others who share the same 

values, ideas, hopes, and struggles as me. Especially in today's 

economy, we all deserve each other's assistance, mutual support, and 



What does success mean to you? I've found that it's an ongoing process 

of uncovering deeper and stronger layers of myself, and organizing my 

external situation and surroundings to match my internal self. 

For example: I used to commute an hour-and-a-half each day, work at a 

"regular" job, rent a one-bedroom apartment in a big city with two 

roommates, and eat junk food. Now I live in my own house on an island, 

my commute is when I get up and have my coffee and go to my desk, 

where I do what I love with passion and enthusiasm, and I'm healthier 

than I've ever been. 


What is your definition of success? Does it mean increased 

opportunity, more control of your time, better health, or stronger 

family and relationships? Is success equal to love, money, power, 

fame, or recognition to you? Is it a happy family, a balanced life, or 

deeper spirituality? Success means what you want it to. 

I support you as you uncover more ways to demonstrate your personal 

uniqueness and to share your special gifts with the world. Thanks for 

being a part of our group. 


PS) In the next year, I'm building this e-newsletter to reach a 

thousand smart, success-oriented, and networked women. Will you help 

me by forwarding it and inviting others to join? 2009 marks our third 

year of building the A Successful Woman community. Please contact me 

and let me know your ideas on what you need to support your continued 

success and your journey towards greater success. 



Monica S. Flores 

Please contact me directly at info (at) asuccessfulwoman (dot) com. 


Resource Corner 


Your Linkedin profile allows you to connect with associates, partners, 

and potential customers all over the globe. The service is currently 

focused on professional and career-minded networking. There is a free 

signup with an upgrade available to "Pro" status. Within your profile, 

you may post your current position as well as any past jobs. You may 

also share a bio, your educational experience, and a list of your 

Linkedin associates. Your profile focuses on professional achievements 

and accomplishments, as well as your areas of expertise. 


Here's my profile: 


When you connect with associates (from past jobs or organizations), 

you are also able to view their associates, and so your network grows. 

A number of new features have recently been added to Linkedin, 

including the ability to post your latest articles, share your 

powerpoint slides, join groups, and share your current status. 


Some of the benefits of Linkedin include: 

        1) People within your network may learn about other people within 

your network 

        (for example, "does anyone know someone who works at Company X?" may be answered by reviewing your network) 


        2) Referrals and third-party testimonials are fantastic ways to let 

others know what it is like to work with you. Other people's 

recommendations display on your Linkedin profile. 

        (for example, "Quickly, Monica responded to our needs, and now the 

results speak for themselves!" 


        3) You may use the "Question and Answers" section in Linkedin to 

query or share your knowledge with working professionals around the 

globe on your topic of interest. 

        (for example, "What are the common Wordpress plugins you use?") 


        4) Consolidate your job listings. You may use your public Linkedin 

profile as a resume that shares your past experiences and skills. 

Do you want to share a helpful resource? 


Send your information to: info (at) asuccessfulwoman (dot) com 


Talk Back 


Our discussion board is now only for registered members. Join this 

free forum to connect with others and expand your network. List your 

business, ask for help, or be brave and take a first step towards 

stating your big goal and checking in with your goal on a regular 



To Do Today 


Last time, we encouraged you to think about and write down a personal 

mission statement. 


If you haven't yet, please do consider what you're here for. What's 

your 7-second take on what it is that you are born to do? 


For me, I was born to empower, educate, and connect women to achieve 

their highest level of potential. I'm doing this through a variety of 

tools, including writing my books, sharing through my blogs, and my 

web development business. 


For today's assignment, I challenge you to answer this question: take 

as long or as little as you'd like. 


Question: "If you knew that you only had 30 more days left to live, 

are there any changes in your current lifestyle that you feel you need 

to make?" 


And of course, the follow-up question is: 

*****What will you do about those changes right now? ***** 



Quote of the Moment 


"Perseverance is failing nineteen times and succeeding the twentieth." 

 - Julie Andrews, Actress 

Parting Thoughts 



Apply yourself both now and in the next life. Without effort, you 

cannot be prosperous. Though the land be good, You cannot have an 

abundant crop without cultivation. 

- Plato 


From the Blog 


I invite your guest blog posts:


The blog receives 2200 unique visitors each month. 

Would you like to highlight your work, your job, or your business? We 

are looking for your stories to share: please answer the following and 

e-mail to info (at) asuccessfulwoman (dot) com 


1) Where did you get started in your business? 

2) What values do you try to live by? 

3) Who do you consider to be a role model? 

4) Name one of your biggest challenges and how you learned from that 


5) When was your most successful moment to date? 


Special Event Notice 


Make Mine a $Million 

The Make Mine a $Million team at is 

hosting a "marathon" this year of women racing to get their businesses 

to the $250k, $500k, and $1million mark and beyond. 


"This is the year to grow your business, make money, secure your 

family and your future in the Make Mine a Million $ Business RACE™ - a 

year-long business growth "marathon" that will challenge and support 

one million women entrepreneurs like you in hitting your business 

revenue goals for 2009 while creating millions of new jobs and 

economic stability for your families, communities and the country. 


Join a million. 

Make a $million. 

Create millions of jobs. 

Are you in? 

Make Mine a Million $ Business RACE 


View other events for women on the calendar:


Would you like to POST your upcoming event, e.g. a product launch or a 

one-time or ongoing series? 



If you'd like to sponsor this e-newsletter, please visit our 

Sponsorship page: 


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E-newsletter Volume 1, Number 2 

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