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2010 - Newsletter #5

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear E-newsletter 

February 18, 2010

Welcome to! 




In order to serve you, we've converted the site to a Drupal site, which allows you much more member interaction. If you haven't yet, I invite you to sign up as a member (it's free) and post your profile. You have an opportunity to create blog posts, post a business resource, participate in our discussion group, access our members-only coupons section and more.


We are also on Facebook as a group and as a Fans page Join us.


We are now in year two of an ongoing series of committing to our goals publicly and posting our progress towards achieving them. In encourage you to post to our website.


We achieve and succeed when we work together.


Let's build a vision of a prosperous, healthy, and safe future -- and let's commit to building it.



Monica S. Flores 

Please contact me directly at info (at) asuccessfulwoman (dot) com. 




From the Blog 


My Advice for Young Women, in Twenty Instructions

Monica S. Flores


Using Networking to Help your Job search: 8 Steps to Connect with Others

Monica S. Flores


How to Engage (and Keep) Your Young Workers - Part 1: Understanding

Elizabeth Agnew


9 Steps to Bring you to your Future Self: #1 Intention Creates Reality

Monica S. Flores


Business Building: How Much does a Website Cost?

Monica S. Flores


Losing Your Job May Be the Best Thing that Ever Happened to You

Allison Maslan


What Would you Do if you Knew You Could Not Fail?

Allison Maslan


The Language of Prosperity






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Woman-owned, minority-owned, and green-certified, we are committed to others who share our values. 


We develop websites that support women entrepreneurs, green businesses, progressive companies, and membership organizations.


Let us help you create a professional web presence. 




E-newsletter Volume 1, Number 5

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