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KISSinsights - Grab Customer Feedback Immediately

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

The KISSinsights survey tool for webmasters allows you to query your customers quickly to "Give customers a way to tell you what they need." Beginning webmasters and those who need quick results can use the tool to get feedback on confusing or non-intuitive areas of your website.

If you're running an online operation, you know how quickly people click away if they don't find exactly what they need. Join other users like Intuit,,, and oneforty to get feedback from your website customers by using a simple bit of code that embeds your questions into your website. The typical response rate is 40 customer responses, on average, for each question posted.

This type of tool allows you to make an informed decision about your landing page, product details or policies page, or testing page. Based on a feedback study through Cornell University, the KISSinsights method allows you to embed questions easily and receive candid, accurate, quick responses to your specific questions.

If you're using a traditional survey tool, you know that it can take hours to create a long-form survey. This alternative allows you to write one or two questions in a matter of minutes, and then publish the survey immediately.

Free plans and monthly plans are available.

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