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101 Green Business Ideas

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

"Green" businesses that incorporate sustainability, recycling, energy efficiency, a focus on reusable materials, and eco-friendly practices are growing.

Here is a quick list of 101 green business ideas.
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Review the list and see if any of them apply to your current profession.

You may be able to provide a green alternative in your existing business.

As an added bonus, consider applying for green certification for your state or county if such a program is offered.

  1. Green Services: come up with a service for your location
  2. Eco-friendly cleaning or janitorial service
  3. Handyman or handywoman services
  4. Window washing with natural products
  5. Carpet cleaning with natural products
  6. LEED-certified design for architects
  7. Interior decorator specializing in sustainable materials
  8. "Green" painter and painting supplies
  9. Dry-cleaning with non-toxic, natural materials
  10. Gardener specializing in native plants
  11. Plant supplier specializing in organically grown seedlings
  12. Xeriscape specialist
  13. Landscape designer
  14. Florist
  15. Pest management using natural products
  16. Pet care with all-natural products
  17. Construction using best green practices
  18. Automotive care
  19. Auto repair
  20. Food preparation and delivery
  21. Healthy Organic Restaurant (high-end)
  22. Healthy Organic Salad Bar
  23. Organic produce delivery
  24. Organic fair trade coffee sales
  25. Organic chocolate
  26. Organic line of children’s snacks
  27. Cooking demonstrations for raw foods
  28. Gluten-free pastries, desserts, or cakes to supply to bakeries
  29. Kiosk or cart with organic drinks, snacks, or smoothies
  30. Personal chef
  31. Meal planner/organizer
  32. Catering company specializing in "slow food"
  33. Organic baby food
  34. Ready-to-microwave meals or salads-to-go
  35. Meal preparation stations
  36. Consulting services of all kinds
  37. Green business consulting: showing other businesses how to go green
  38. Website designer/developer
  39. Graphic Designer, green-certified
  40. Computer training
  41. Computer one-on-one tutoring
  42. Software training
  43. Software one-on-one tutoring
  44. Digital photographer
  45. Notary Public
  46. Educator/consultant on sustainability for small businesses
  47. Do demonstrations of how to "green" a home
  48. Coach for personal development
  49. Image consultant with a "green" focus
  50. Marketing/branding consultant with a "green" focus
  51. Green, sustainable, and energy efficient product sales
  52. Bamboo and other sustainable floor installation
  53. Bamboo clothing
  54. Jewelry made from natural materials like nuts, seeds, and leaves
  55. Green blog selling ads to green businesses
  56. Recycled paper products
  57. Handmade cloth
  58. Antiques scout
  59. Organic cotton clothing and diapers: design and sales
  60. Toys made of natural materials
  61. Sustainable furniture design and sales
  62. Sustainable accessories design and sales
  63. Green professional providers
  64. Fitness Trainer
  65. Over-50 Fitness Trainer
  66. Beauty Products
  67. Dentist
  68. Naturopath
  69. Chiropractor
  70. Massage Therapist
  71. Acupuncturist
  72. Nutrition Advisor
  73. Martial Arts Teacher
  74. Yoga instructor
  75. Senior caregiver
  76. Hairstylist
  77. Makeup Artist
  78. Gift baskets with organic products
  79. Day Spa Services
  80. Childcare with a focus on providing organic foods
  81. Birthday party setup and cleanup using potato- or sugarcane-based utensils and recyclable supplies
  82. Birthday party entertainment
  83. Attorney
  84. Accountant/bookkeeping
  85. Tax preparation/Enrolled agent
  86. Insurance
  87. Health Insurance
  88. Long term health care insurance
  89. Financial advisor
  90. Real estate agent
  91. Mortgage agent
  92. Environmental consulting
  93. Facilities manager
  94. Property manager
  95. Solar energy consultant
  96. Space planner
  97. Office organizer
  98. Moving and storage services
  99. Green business broker
  100. Green printer representative
  101. E-bay business/E-bay consigner

The reality of the marketplace is that we are planning for jobs that do not even exist at the time of this writing. If you sense a need in your community that people are willing to pay for, you may be seeing the beginning of a new industry. Ask around and get a sense of what your potential customers need, and establish if people will pay for the green service or product you intend to provide.

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