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101 Reasons to Be Successful

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

1) Every day is a wonderful day to be alive.
2) You no longer fear failure. In fact, the more failure you have, the more opportunity for more success.
3) You fulfill your life's purpose.
4) Your intention quickly and easily turns into your reality.
5) You contribute to the causes that move you.
6) You share abundance with your family, friends, and loved ones.
7) You are a good role model for your children and other youth in your life.
8) You have an opportunity to mentor.
9) You benefit from having mentors.
10) You can network and make connections with other successful people.

11) You have time to be with your family.
12) You have time to be with your friends.
13) You have time to support the people in your life.
14) You always have hope.
15) You are surrounded with love.
16) It's exciting to wake up every morning.
17) When you go to sleep, you know you've done your best to have a good day.
18) You exhibit patience.
19) You foster communication in your life.
20) You have tolerance for others.

21) There is less whining in your life.
22) There is more gratitude in your life.
23) You have time to relax when you need it.
24) You have adequate time to gain new knowledge.
25) You have the ability to put your knowledge into practice.
26) There are no lines.
27) There is no waiting.
28) You can choose to work with only the best.
29) You can focus on what you love, and get a good team to help you with the other pieces.
30) You pay cash to get a better deal.

31) Travel -- anywhere, anytime.
32) Excellent service, wherever you go.
33) Beautiful surroundings.
34) Daily exercise.
35) You demonstrate persistence in getting things done.
36) You have mutual support and benefit with your business partners.
37) You feel clarity about your life goals.
38) The right amount of motivation is in your life.
39) You feel less anxiety about things you can't control.
40) You demonstrate proactiveness.

41) There are solar panels on all your buildings.
42) You've found sustainable sources of energy for your vehicles.
43) There is clean air, fresh water, and abundance in nature.
44) A sense of adventure guides you, whenever you step out.
45) Inspiration strikes often.
46) You can create what you choose.
47) You empower others.
48) You educate others.
49) You live in prosperity.
50) You build cross-cultural, global links of understanding.

51) You feel like you're making a difference.
52) You're happy in your daily routine.
53) You engage in your core activities.
54) You find meaning and joy in your life.
55) You work in partnership with others towards continued success.
56) The world is a better place because of your choices.
57) Your community is a better place because of your actions.
58) You continuously improve.
59) You continuously expand your products and service offerings.
60) Your team, staff, employees, and partners benefit through your abilities.

61) You feel responsible and responsive.
62) You are exactly where you are meant to be.
63) You are an expert in your field.
64) Your work helps make a positive difference.
65) Your personal life is filled with love, support, and cooperation.
66) You enjoy the company of others.
67) You appreciate the work of others.
68) You share.
69) You learn.
70) You grow.

71) You can choose an eco-friendly option.
72) You provide a safe, secure, and beneficial environment for your family.
73) You offer loving and positive affirmations.
74) You creatively support others to be the best they can be.
75) You make a measurable impact.
76) You collaborate with others.
77) You can help others.
78) You can be generous.
79) You can innovate.
80) You can meet the world's needs.

81) You enjoy fulfilling relationships.
82) There is mutual benefit within your circles of friends and acquaintances.
83) Invest in projects about which you're passionate.
84) You have high energy.
85) You are part of positive social change.
86) You can work towards social justice.
87) You can work towards environmental sustainability.
88) Many wonderful people are in your life.
89) You can hire someone else to help with rote chores you dislike.
90) You can hire someone else to help with anything you need.

91) Everything you see nourishes you and your loved ones.
92) You appreciate life.
93) You have more control over your daily schedule.
94) You use the 24 hours in the day effectively.
95) You serve on a board of directors.
96) You participate in fundraising to support your causes.
97) You have excellent health.
98) You sleep well at night.
99) You can dream, believe, and achieve.
100) You have plenty to share.

101) You are doing the very best you can with what you have.

BONUS: You can volunteer in your local community. Please find an organization and volunteer your time, treasure, or talent.

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