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8 Ways Driving is Kind of like Living your Life

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

When driving, I am struck by the similarities between driving and life -- here are 8 ways that I think reflect who you are as a driver and how you are living your life.

1) Planning before you go.

Where I live, town is 13 miles away so every trip in, I need to plan accordingly: stop at the post office, bank, grocery store, and any other business. Do you plan your trips? Do you plan your life?


2) Showing courtesy.

Lane changes, very clear signaling, following posted signs -- they all add up to being courteous and respectful of other drivers. Are you courteous to the people in your life?


3) Being friendly.

People on our back-country roads recognize each other's cars and consistently wave a friendly greeting. On our island, most of the people are either coming or going from town/work/school back to their homes: might as well be nice and say hello.


4) Maintaining your vehicle.

We recently replaced the radiator and rotated out the tires on our truck. Maintenance is key - regular oil changes, alignment, and tuneups are great for your car -- and for your life. By making sure the vehicle runs well, we ensure a smooth, hassle-free ride.


5) Signaling clearly.

If the turn signal is broken, it's tough to tell if you're turning right or left. By flicking on the turn signal far in advance of your next move, you tell all the other drivers where you're headed. Do the people in your life know where you're headed? What kinds of signals are you giving off?


6) Driving defensively.

By engaging in risky behavior, you increase the risk of being in an accident or unwanted situation. By engaging in defensive and conservative behavior, you increase your sense of security and intended outcome. What applies to driving applies to living.


7) Slowing down.

When in the neighborhoods, drivers go slow because of kids, dogs, seniors, cyclists, pedestrians, and more. It makes sense to slow down and enjoy the scenery -- and be safe -- when negotiating around these types of situations.


8) Believing in your destination.

The path becomes more clear, and the journey takes on more certainty, when you are aware of your destination and have a true belief that you will arrive there safe and sound. Envision your ultimate destination, and then enjoy the ride.


photo by billward

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