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Advice for a Successful Life

Wed, 04/30/2014 - 3:01pm | by monicadear

Advice for a successful life:

1) Know, at your deepest core, what your life purpose is.

Having knowledge about what you are here to accomplish gives you peace of mind, certainty, and comfort. Your life purpose  guides you and shapes your every decision. It allows you to use all your best skills and talents to fulfill the world's pressing need. I think this knowledge is the most important piece of all.

2) Focus intently on things that truly matter.

Think long and hard about what matters to you. What makes a difference? If you're told you have one month left to live, what do you feel you must do? The tasks that come to the surface are the ones that really matter to you. Be open: sometimes what really matters is something basic. Hug your kid. Tell your special someone how you feel. Take a moment and say thank you. Forgive. Breathe.

3) Practice compassion.

When we realize that every human being has similar emotions, capabilities, and thoughts, we understand the shared experience of living on our planet as part of one race. By developing a sense of empathy and compassion for someone else --- even an enemy -- we realize that all life is one. Meditation is an excellent tool for this.

4) Be active.

Walk, run, dance, skip, jump, and go outside. When you breathe fresh air, stretch your muscles, and take a look around, you become more grateful for your body and the experience of living in a physical plane.

5) Plant a tree.

We will never know how our actions affect people around us. We don't know the impact of our decisions on the next generation. When you think proactively and understand the impact of your life over seven generations or more, you realize that we all do "the best we can with what we have." Plant -- either literal seeds in the ground, or seeds of love, hope, and gratitude around you -- and know that future generations will sit in the shade of what you create today.

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