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Being Flexible Enough to Evolve, in Any Situation

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

Part of our challenge as living, breathing beings is to seek happiness, health, and fulfillment through our daily lives. Wherever you experience obstructions, obstacles, irritations, stressors, or "gray areas," you'll know that you have your highest potential to grow through dealing with those situations.

Evolving, to me, means being able to expand my perceptions, understand other individual perspectives, and find the best solution that I can cope with at that time. Evolving also means becoming more of who I am truly meant to be.

I've realized that I have to own it:

  • When I own all my insecurities, I'm okay with them.
  • When I own my skills, I'm honestly proud of them.
  • When I own my weaknesses, I realize they're normal, not crippling failures.
  • When I own my strengths, I become grateful for what I've been given.
  • When I own my desires, I'm not consumed by them.

When we have the flexibility to deal --with grace, maturity, and authenticity-- with the evolving nature of our lives, we cope better, we develop more resilience, and we truly appreciate the gift of every single day.

In my own personal experience, I've learned to expand my sense of limitations. For example:

  • At first, having a boyfriend seemed to be a lot, but then getting married extended my sense of what's possible. Now, I'm at the stage when I appreciate and look forward to a long, fulfilling, and satisfying relationship.
  • At first, sending out a resume, or charging $100 for a project, seemed a lot, but then starting my own business and being more responsible for larger budgets extended my "big thinking." Now, I'm at the stage where I'm very comfortable developing relationships with new customers, sending out proposals, and consulting on six-figure and seven-figure projects.
  • At first, learning about finances was too overwhelming, but then getting a savings and investing plan into place helped me normalize that process. Now, I'm at the stage where I feel comfortable increasing my knowledge and taking on more opportunities.
  • At first, even thinking about children frightened me, until my first child was born. Now, I feel like children are a true blessing and we are all responsible for all the children in our lives and communities.

It's all about where any one of us currently stands on the whole pathway of our ultimate evolution.

When you evolve, you extend your abilities to fit the changing nature of your life. At different ages and stages we deal with different challenges. Think back on your own life, from early childhood, into the teens and young adulthood, into the twenties, thirties, midlife, and into retirement and senior status. There is a whole new set of physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges at every step of the way.

In which areas do you choose to learn, grow, or evolve your own thinking in the next 5 year timeframe? Dream it, believe it, and achieve it.

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