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Choose Your Own Adventure - Enjoy Life

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

We each have a choice on how we filter our external reality. For example, is someone rude to you? Or is he or she simply preoccupied?

Did someone make a personal attack? Or is that person just really, really stressed out?

Is someone being mean, hostile, cruel, or nasty? Perhaps they're hungry, angry, lonely, or tired..... so HALT and give them the benefit of the doubt.

In a time of immense struggle, unemployment everywhere, underwater mortgages, and gloomy news about upcoming recessions, political strife, and overall negative communication, I choose (as much as possible) to focus on the positive. I invite you to do the same.

I believe that all of us have a choice about where we focus our attention.

When we focus on happiness, peace, health, good relationships, and an end to suffering, we move in these directions. When we focus, instead, on the opposites... then we inevitably move that way, too.

Our thought patterns tend to snowball - if we consistently think one way, we generate more and more feelings, habits, and actions around that particular mindset.... and the world around us changes to match our mindset.

A negative outlook can be "re-wired" to provide intensely positive statements --- that's why I focus on stories of success here, and not so much on stories of failure (although there's a space for that here, too: submit your own failure, anonymously --- and get it off your chest: )

Everything around us is a reflection of what we truly believe inside. Everything in our life can be viewed from multiple angles. There exists a shadow side to every bright spark. There is pain along with joy, there is depression as a partner to enthusiastic action, there is failure next door to achievement. The light, the dark.... the sad, the happy.... the black, the white ---- because there is a range of options, your life is an ongoing choice on how to express your interior self. You choose which aspects of your personality you choose to embody.  You literally choose your own adventure of how you cope with life, while you're here on this planet.

Are you focusing on poverty, illness, anger, or loneliness?

Perhaps this is a chance for you to put a new "spin" on your issue, and to understand this timeframe as a learning lesson or wake-up call to something beyond what you currently understand.


Choose your own adventure.


I invite you to read the Desiderata poem, attributed to Max Ehrmann, for a good outlook:



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