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Creating Joy in your Daily Life

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

If everything around you is drudgery and toil, you'll soon start to think of yourself only in those terms.

If every achievement is met with a shrug and an admonishment to keep plugging away, you'll soon start to feel underappreciated and unenthusiastic.

If every opportunity to experience pleasure is tainted by guilt or a sense of feeling unworthy, you'll soon forget your innate ability to express thanks and gratitude.

Believe in the joy that is your birthright and carve out time, every day, to celebrate.

As a youngster in bible school, we sang a song about "I've got the joy, joy, joy deep down in my heart." Can you truly say that you have the joy -- the real joy, the deep, abiding, eternal joy of being alive -- way down in your own heart? If not, dig deep and find that sense of optimism, happiness, health, and well-being again, the same one you had as a young child.

As human animals we crave comfort and peace. I truly believe that we each can celebrate one (or more! go nuts!) daily rituals of gratitude to help us expand our personalities and to increase our capacity to have more joy in our life.

  • Did you accomplish something today? Celebrate!
  • Did you get through a difficult task? Hurray!
  • Did you hug your loved one? Smile at them!
  • Are you alive? Congratulations -- let's celebrate!

Is it a special day today? It is a special day today because _____________. Own it!


Once you realize  that every day is an opportunity to practice joyfulness, you realize the abundant nature of our universe, the prosperity that fills us, and the true beauty of our daily lives.

Cultivate a more easy and more balanced perspective on your day-to-day moments, and schedule time to be grateful, feel happy and at peace, and do something that brings joy to you and to others. You'll benefit, your health will benefit, your outlook will become rosier, and you'll notice measurable responses from those around you as they shine your light back to you.


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