Do Dreams Come True?

Dream by Naomi Ibuki

I’m collecting stories of dreams that really do come true: http://asuccessfulwoman.com/?q=node/10 In all of these stories, I see common threads, including the use of:

+ Vision boards (to visualize what the dream is)

+ Hard work (constantly thinking of new ways to participate and be effective)

+ Dedication (90% of success is showing up)

+ Teamwork (developing a team of people to help)

+ Strength of character (belief in the dream and willingness to change to make that dream a reality)

What are your thoughts? Do dreams come true? I fully expect my dreams to come true, as almost every one that I had set down has come true to this point.

I think the challenge is to focus my energy and to really identify if something is really good, important, necessary, and positive — or if it’s just a new “want” that I crave as a passing fancy.

What is your dream?