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Following your Roadmap to Success

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

When you're on the path towards a successful outcome, in whatever endeavor you're attempting, it's easiest to follow a roadmap, isn't it?

In some cases, there are tried-and-true methods to assist you in achieving your goals. In other cases, everything is new and you, by your own actions, are paving the way for the people who will follow you.

Regardless of what your situation is, by developing your own personal roadmap to keep you on your desired path, you help yourself stay on track even in the face of challenges, obstacles, and roadblocks.

Here are five steps to take as you plan your journey towards success:

1) Identify what you want.

How will you know what success looks like when you reach it? Identify your guideposts and what your ideal level of "making it" looks like. This way, when you reach that goal, you can see, feel, and understand that you did reach it - you literally embody what you had originally envisioned. Plan it, write it down, use a dreamboard, keep it in your wallet, sleep next to it every night. List what your heart truly desires so it is always foremost in your mind.

2) Make a commitment.

Whatever you're choosing to do, make sure you focus on it 110%. If you just want to dabble, pretend, or say you're doing something, then by all means, do that, but in terms of your life mission and purpose, decide once and for all what it is that you will do during your time on the planet. Then do it.

3) Have a physical reminder.

When you associate a physical, tangible object with your envisioned goal, you can have something that you carry with you between your imaginative, creative state into your physical, reality, day-to-day state. For example, a physical object from nature such as a smooth stone, crystal, sculpture, mineral, or other item can be your consciously-chosen symbol for a more abstract concept.  Wedding rings are a great example.

4) Reduce distractions.

You've seen it before: someone or something else demands your attention, you comply, and soon your mind gets moved around, your thoughts get jostled, and your ideas get jumbled up because of the newest, latest, greatest, most dramatic, or most off-topic item.

Perhaps this relates to technology overload, or an unsatisfying relationship, or a set of friends that is not interested in the same things. Whatever it is, focus away from the distraction and "stay on target" by focusing directly on what you want to live, speak, breathe, earn, or believe. 

5) Speak your gratitude.

Life is the present, and I'm sure you're grateful for every single moment you're alive. Speak often and well about the people in your life for whom you're thankful, and the relationships, ideas, or even objects that keep you motivated. Gratitude unlocks a feeling of fullness and grounding in your life. Feel grateful and let others know that you feel grateful for them.



Photo credit by: Changhua Coast Conservation Action Photo credit by: Changhua Coast Conservation Action


Monica S. Flores is principal at 10K Webdesign, where she focuses on clarity, creation, and community-building. In business since 2004, she creates websites to support green businesses, progressive organizations, and multicultural women entrepreneurs. Follow her on Twitter as @monicadear.


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