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Green Businesswomen - Grow your Mastermind Circle

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

When you're starting your green business, it's so important to have a core group of people to help you grow and thrive. Creating a mastermind group means developing this core group of individuals who help you achieve your objectives. For women in green businesses, this means reaching out to one another to create real connections. This isn't a competition -- this is world-changing work that we're doing, together.

Developing and growing your green business requires some level of thought about what you personally bring to the table, and what skills that the company or organization needs that you don't have.

For example: maybe you're a numbers person but don't have a creative on board.

Maybe you're more of a social butterfly or marketing guru, but you need help with product development, engineering, or packaging.

Maybe you are the graphic designer and are looking to parter with the printer and web developer.

It's all about connections -- making connections, fostering collaboration, and doing more as a group than we can do as single individuals.

Many teachers and coaches suggest you create a organizational "roles and responsibilities" chart in the very beginning of your planning process, so you identify who is needed to make your green business a success.

Who will hold you to keeping green as a part of your business practices?

Do you have an accountant or tax advisor on hand?

How about an attorney if intellectual property is involved?

Who's your in-house mediator or ombudsman?

Who will project manage?

In the very beginning, you may be fulfilling all these roles yourself, or a few partners are getting organized -- as time passes you'll lock down roles and create a "staff flowchart" of how a project gets managed, from customer's experience to fulfillment.

As you get more and more specialized, you will either hire staff to fulfill these roles or find associates to take on this part of the work. Then it's time for you to develop the entrepreneurial mindset and work "on the business" as much as you work "in the business."

Many startups are so focused on this month's cash flow issue or impending deadlines that they do not take the time to do long-term planning. If you're a green business, your planning process is even more important because many external factors are in play such as government policies, legislation specific to green business, trends in consumer habits, and what your competitors are doing.

If you're in a position of leadership in your company (or if the company is just you at this moment) then now is the time to consider how you will expand your abilities by creating a mastermind group with others who will help you.

Find some other green business women in your area -- the listed women in the directory are a great start -- and do some networking to identify who will help you grow your green business.

We all deserve "a little help from our friends" and as you become more and more successful, you'll appreciate having a group of people who celebrate, support, and challenge you to reach your goals. Ask around for referrals, or do a search. Here's a sample script:

"Hello, my name is Jane Doe and I'm in the _____ business. We are a green company because of X, Y, and Z. As a green businesswoman, I'm looking to connect with other women for mutual support and your name came up as someone who offers ______. I invite you to join my circle. We're an informal group who help each other mastermind and improve each other's businesses through regular check-ins. My contact info is A, B, and C and I am so grateful for any connections, resources, or ideas you offer."

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