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How to Connect with a Successful Woman

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

The most successful people are not necessarily the ones that dress the flashiest, have the sportiest car, or are the most visible in your community.

Some of the most successful women, especially entrepreneurial women, maintain a low personal profile, due to wanting to protect their home and family life and their privacy.

If you are looking to connect with a successful woman in your location, I recommend you contact one of the local foundations or non-profit organizations working around the issues that you support, and research them for their mentors, donors, and more active supporters.

Typically, the people who are philanthropic and who are able to give their time, their volunteer ability, or their experience, are the ones who are the most successful. They are also the ones who may be more willing to reach out and mentor you, or connect with you.

Local business networking groups like Business Networking International are another resource:, as are public speaking groups like Toastmasters: Volunteer organizations are also a good place to find connections, find one that works in the area of your interest.

Another way to connect with the successful women in your life is to discreetly ask around for people who you sense may have a little something extra to give, be it time, expertise, life lessons, or life experience to share.

Being successful is a frame of mind and an ability to create reality out of a vision: it is not related to a bank account balance, a designer handbag or shoes, a zip code, or a country club memberhsip.

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