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How do you feel about selling?

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

Like it or not, most of the items you have in your life, from the shoes on your feet, the clothes on your back, the food and drink you consume, even the place where you live, has been a choice you made during some kind of sales process. 

You were sold on the type of car you drive or the bicycle you ride, or the bus route you take. 

You were sold on what kind of sleeping arrangements you have, your choice of having a significant other or staying single, even your political affiliation, religion, or even what kind of snacks you choose!

When we realize that the sales process happens subtly, yet influentially, in all aspects of your life, we can realize that we ourselves can learn how to sell to other people, and we can also understand when we're being sold to.

If you're someone who feels uncomfortable selling, or feels like selling is "beneath" you, or doesn't see how selling fits into your overall life equation, then consider the following transactions, which are all a method of selling/being sold to.

1) meeting someone new, say at a networking event, book club, bar, or some other social function

2) choosing a college or university to attend

3) choosing a job to apply to

4) choosing a house or apartment

5) becoming romantically involved, or not

6) your choice of career or profession

7) whether you decide to stay at home with young children or not

8) how you treat your children and other dependents and youngsters

9) how you treat your parents and other elders

10) your choice of commute

11) where you travel, or if you travel

12) when you retire, or if you retire

Consider that whenever you apply for a job, or choose a bank, or decide on a cell phone carrier, or even decide on what kind of breakfast you want -- at some point you've been "sold" on that particular item.

  • Think of a car: ________________________.
  • Think of a coffee house: ______________________.
  • Think of a brand of shoes: ____________________.
  • Think of a sport: ________________________.
  • Think of something to drink: _____________________.


I guarantee that any of the items you thought about were initially "sold" to you, perhaps even when you were a toddler or pre-verbal. Some place in your mind "hooks" onto these particular brands or models, and your brain makes an association - forever.

You can always change: choices are fluid and everchanging, but most people like to fit into a routine and stick with it. That's why it's so important to understand how the selling process works on the human psyche -- and it's also why national and international brands want to "hook" people as soon as they possibly can.

  • If you're in business, you'll want to find ways to make sure your business rises to the top of a person's mind when they think of your particular field or industry (like my company 10K Webdesign is synonymous with web development for green businesses and membership organizations).
  • If you're a consumer, you'll want to understand how a brand or company is attempting to win your affection, from giving you a coupon, adding you to their mailing list, inviting you to "like" them on Facebook, or even giving you a free sample.

When we realize that so many of our decisions involve a sales process, we can be powerful, informed, and savvy about what kind of decision we choose to make.


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