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How to Make a Difference

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

I believe that many of us are starting up, and supporting, green businesses, because when it boils down to the basics we have a great deal of respect for doing the right thing.


There is so much poverty in the world. Many people do not have access to clean water, or to medicine, or to a safe place to sleep. The status of women and girl children is very low in many cultures. Beyond basic necessities, millions of people also suffer from a lack of hope -- this is spirit-crushing and manifests itself as depression, suicide, and substance abuse. We must dream. We must believe in hope for ourselves and the future. With hope, we have passion, enthusiasm, and the will to survive and thrive.


As we are re-making the world, let us remember that almost everything in our material world -- from the smallest pencil or pen on our desk to the largest building in our neighborhood --- everything from works of art, from the food we eat and the clothes we wear, from our toothbrush to our latest electronic device --- everything originally began as a concept. Where we are today was something we envisioned years ago, or even generations ago.


Through our imagination and our proactivity, we create a bigger, shared dream to help the world of tomorrow. We make a difference by envisioning, in as exact detail as possible, what a healthy planet looks like. In our minds, we think about our individual life and the role we will play, and we imagine how our interactions with others impact the people we touch, the people in our city and community, and the people in our global society.

What one thing can you do today to make a difference in the life of someone who needs it?


  • Will you sponsor a child through a program like
  • Will you invest in a business through a micro-finance loan like (consider supporting a female entrepreneur on this list with $25)
  • Will you make your next purchase to support someone whose values match your own?
  • Will you pledge to be a locavore and circulate funds in your local economy
  • Will you plant a tree or start a vegetable garden?



We all have a choice, every single day of our lives, to do the right thing.

Who's with me in envisioning the world to be healthy, safe, clean, secure, prosperous, and supportive of all people? Who's with me in having abundant water, home-grown food, clean air, and free energy?

Let's work together to create the world of the future. 



(originally published for by Monica S. Flores)

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