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Making a Difference with your Money

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 8:50pm | by monicadear

Money is an expression of our energy, and the way it flows in and out of our life is indicative of our values.

How does money come into your life? Usually, it enters through:

  • your earnings through your workplace
  • investments and dividends
  • rents and royalties
  • inheritance
  • an ongoing gift
  • alimony

How does money go out of your life? Usually, it leaves through:

  • your purchases
  • the vendors and providers you spend money with
  • gifts, presents, payments to others
  • philanthropic donations or charitable contributions you make

Did you know that your money is your vote?

Did you know that every dollar, yen, rupee, euro, or unit of currency you spend is an example of your belief system?

Did you know that your feelings whenever you receive a payment can give you great insight about how you feel about your mission and purpose?

Did you know that the flow of money into and out of your life is a representation of who you are?

Your money is a reflection of your presence in the world. Your feelings about money are a reflection of your feelings about life, your purpose, your character, and your presence on the planet. Your emotional response to earning money and spending money can give you clues into your internal, deeply-held assumptions about yourself.

If you enjoy and feel gratitude about earning and spending money, or if you feel dirty and ashamed about earning and spending money --- or somewhere in between --- you can take a step back and understand your feelings. By understanding your emotional responses, you can gain greater clarity about your motivations and fundamental understandings about money.

Your earning and spending behaviors are windows into your soul, just as money is an expression of your spiritual presence, just as your day-to-day interactions and routines are an expression of your physical presence.

We each have a choice about where and how we earn our money, and where and how we spend our money.

By becoming more consciously aware every time we spend or earn money, and by making choices that bring us closer to our desired values and goals, we gain more clarity. Check in with yourself anytime you pay a bill, buy something, or receive a check or cash --- and become more closely aligned with your individual mission, vision, and values.


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