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Seven Signs You've Committed to Success

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

Committing to success takes the form of seven very important truths.

1) Your success becomes legitimate in your own mind.

By truly committing to success, you move from treating your endeavor from being a hobby, side project, or nights-and-weekends thing to truly treating it as a legitimate, professional, straight and clear path.

Plenty of people have similar goals (write a book, run a marathon, travel the world, become financially free) but the difference between someone committed and someone dabbling is that the person who is committed will actually achieve that goal, whereas the person who is not committed will still have this item on their wish list years later.


2) Your success becomes true in the minds of others.

If you feel like your family, friends, business acquaintances, roommates, or others don't take you seriously in your endeavor, then take a good look at yourself and see if you have first truly committed to your endeavor. Once you believe something in your own mind, it becomes fairly straightforward to tell others.

"I'm trying to do _______ " is very different from "I am, is, was, were, and are _______!"


3) Your vision of success becomes crystal clear.

If your brain can't envision it, then it's difficult to bring it into being in the physical world. Your vision for your success must be in exact, high-definition, 360 degree, sharp, clear focus. What does it look like, smell like, taste like, feel like? What is the desired outcome? Any successful person will tell you what their vision for success is - they know it because they believe in it so strongly. That's how they make their vision real.


4) Your most successful allies support you.

Success means you work with, learn from, and surround yourself with other successful people. If you're vibrating at a different wavelength from someone, consider moving away from that person and move towards someone who is "humming" at a level closer to that you hope to achieve.


5) You focus on the positives in your situation.

Complaining suddenly disappears from your life as you focus on the positive aspect of any opportunity. Something that happens to you is always an option to grow, learn, change, evolve, or become better. By learning from those who have survived through abysmal conditions, you understand your current, temporary situation and move through whatever it feels like -- onwards and up towards the next level.


6) Practice makes perfect.

Long hours and difficult conditions melt away as you realize that your inner alignment with your day-to-day tasks creates a perfect match between your heart's desire and the world's need.

You have many opportunities to hone your craft, ply your trade, and immerse yourself in your bliss. When you choose to do something, you choose to do it well. And you get asked to do it over and over again.


7) The Universe gives you reminders of your success.

Serendipity, intuition, good events and mutually beneficial coincidences start to appear more and more in your life. You settle deeper into the "flow" of energy that we are all a part of, and you see mysterious signs and symbols that you're on your right track. The number 11:11 appears, or perhaps the number 9. Maybe a certain animal appears in many different formats. License plates, clock faces, text messages, snapshots --- you see the same "message" over and over again that you're right on time, right on target, right on track.


As a bonus, you know you're committed to success when you realize that your life is best lived in service to others, and the world presents you with many opportunities to use your unique gifts, talents, and skills.

Are you fully engaged with your life? To jumpstart the process of committing to success, consider volunteering with a local educational, health-related, religious, youth-serving or elder-serving group in your community.

Photo credit by Will Merydith


Monica S. Flores is principal at 10K Webdesign, where she focuses on clarity, creation, and community-building. In business since 2004, she creates websites to support green businesses, progressive organizations, and multicultural women entrepreneurs. Follow her on Twitter as @monicadear.

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