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Six Steps to Attaining your Goals by Maintaining your Daily Routine

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

If you have goals, you know that a daily routine towards those goals really works.

This can be as simple as a motivational quote or a daily inspiration you choose to receive and meditate on, or it may be an hour of power (what I call my time for focusing), or it may be specific blocks of time you set aside to work on specific goals, like writing a book, exercising, preparing healthy food, or enjoying your loved ones.

Here are six tips on how to create a daily routine:


1) Know what your goals are.

If you don't have goals, you won't know what you're seeking. Identify what's most important you, on the biggest picture, and then break that down into achievable milestones.

2) Write your goals down and post them where you'll review them regularly.

People who write down their goals and post them prominently have a better chance of being reminded, acting upon, and achieving those goals. Write them on a piece of paper, create a visionboard, or do post-it notes -- whatever works for you to remember your goals.

3) Determine the best metrics for you.

Accountability is key. If you know what you want to measure, you can easily decide if you are reaching your goals. I recommend quality-of-life outcomes instead of numerical outcomes. For example, I recommend a metric of "choosing healthy snacks every day for a week" instead of "only eating 300 calories per meal". Or as another example, choose the metric "I go to sleep, have a good rest, and feel energized every morning" instead of "I will sleep 8 hours a night".

When you focus on quality, you get a greater sense of how your day-to-day activities fit into your overall goals.

4) Accountability is key.

Keep track of how you're doing by marking it on a daily diary, "success journal" or "victory log", or calendar. You'll see the change over time, and as you build up these new activities into your routine, you'll feel more and more like these are habits you choose, instead of chores to avoid.

5) Celebrate accomplishments.

Lay out in advance how you'll reward yourself. Find checkpoints along the way towards your goal. You'll keep motivated and you'll feel happy about reaching the stopping points.

6) Find a team to support you.

People who work on their goals together typically achieve them quicker, due to the mutual support. Our community is an excellent place to get resources, commitment, and encouragement. Or, find a buddy, a mentor, a coach, or a partner in your endeavor.


Good luck! Let's work towards our dreams, and make them realities --- together!


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