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Success Thinking - Your Life is an Indicator of Your Vibration

Fri, 06/06/2014 - 8:19am | by monicadear

There is an excellent video on YouTube that shows how your relation to the outside world through your "vibrational energy" manifests itself into your physical reality, particularly around the idea of money.

Abraham on Money – Change your Story:

I wanted to take a moment to connect with you about this.

I, too, have had my share of feeling “poor” and feeling unloved and unsupported. It’s such a tough call because so often, these feelings come from the part of you that is down on yourself and basically wants to wallow in self-pity. I called this aspect of my personality “Crabby Ragamuffin” and my image is of the waifish, skinny girl in Les Miserables.

The point is to accept that part of you, let her know that you’re concerned about her and you care for her and love her, and then move on.

The video does a repetitive section so you can understand how the “self-talk” affects your external vibrational energy. It also shows you, towards the end, how you must change your story: change your motto, change your theme. Mix it up and make it different from what you’ve been telling yourself up until this point.

Part of cultivating a success orientation is allowing yourself the ability to find out all the many, various, and gloriously vibrant ways you can participate in our shared experience of life. There are so many opportunities, abundant and overflowing. Part of “tapping in” and flowing is identifying what you particularly are good at — and what you offer.

Try it: Here is an “old script” that says:

I don’t have enough money.
I don’t have enough money.
I don’t have enough money.

(Don’t you see how awful this makes you feel and how you start to think only about those words?)

Here is a “new script” that says:

There’s plenty of money
the resources are here
the circumstances have been arranged
the money is here
the money is here
look over here
everything I want is lined up here
all you need to do is relax
whenever you’re ready
you’ve done all the work
allow whatever you want to fall into your experience
Source is calling you in your direction

Feel the difference? I sense a way of opening up and allowing values, belief, potential, skills, and abilities to come surging in.

What are you good at? What can you offer? What are your unique skills, what only you through the grace of being alive can give? Now’s the time to start sharing those skills.

There are many articles on this website to help you: do a search on success thinking. And believe me when I tell you that all your circumstances may be changed. It is possible by changing your mindset and changing your frame of reference.


Photo credit by Jasmine Thai

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