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There is no Hidden Secret to Success

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

One thing that I've found, time and time again, is that there is no hidden "secret" to achieving what you want. The path is simple and it is plain to see. Directly in front of you, maybe underneath the piles of clutter and junk, is your destiny, the one in which you rise up and reach all of your full potential.

I believe that this "secret" is merely a truth that some of us have to remind ourselves about, over and over again. We can achieve our most amazing dreams. 

What I do see is hard thinking, the ability to work smart, and a steadfast belief in your goal. I think the most easy ideas are sometimes the hardest ones to accomplish. For example:

1) You must believe before you achieve.

If you believe something with your heart and mind, you can then take steps to make it happen. If there is a glimmer of uncertainty, or a foggy notion of what it is you want to achieve, you will get uncertain times and foggy outcomes. Think about what you want in laser-like detail --- clarify it, specify it, and envision it as well as you can. Do this *first*.

2) Action turns into results.

We all would love to wave a magic wand and have something happen right away, but the truth is that we take steps, every day, towards our goals. What steps do you take on a daily basis to bring you closer to your ideal?

Even 10 or 15 minutes a day in pursuit of your goal works out to sixty hours in a year that you're thinking about what you really want. 

My advice? Turn off the television and unplug from Facebook. Use the time to consider your life and start changing your actions.

3) We are part of a community.

We can figure out how much we will be able to achieve, believe, and create based on the people in our inner circle.  If there are twenty people in your inner circle who don't believe in your dreams and don't actively take time to support you,  you won't achieve your dreams. You must change the people in your inner circle to be people who are connected, who are knowledgeable, and who are oriented towards the same values that you are. 

When you are with someone who "drags you down" the best thing you can do is to listen, and be present with that person, but realize that in the long run you must slowly and surely find more people in your life who can be positive, proactive, engaging, and who can help raise you up and energize you.

I don't mean you dump all your friends. I do mean that for you to achieve what you want to achieve, you may need to build more new relationships to help you reach those goals.

What do you think is the secret? What do you want to achieve? How are you getting there. Who is on your team?

Let's work on our goals, together.

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