Think for Yourself


Today I'd like to post a tribute to Tilman Hausherr, who is a computer programmer who created a program called Xenu's Link Smith (TM) that helps web page developers check for broken links.


I first came across this program in 1999, when I was learning web development and needed a way to check which items were changed between an old version of a web site and a new version of the same website. In doing more research on the program and the creator, I learned about "Operation Clambake" which is the programmer's way to contribute to knowledge and awareness of Scientology.

If you'd like to learn more about this effort, you can visit: http://xenu.net/

Highly recommended: the "Baloney Detection Kit" http://xenu.net/archive/baloney_detection.html, which encourages all of us--- you and me --- to think about any situation, especially any situation which presents arguments or assertions.

Sometimes, baloney is baloney: someone may be lying, telling half-truths, or attempting to manipulate you through confusion or guilt.

Sometimes, someone just wants your money, your soul, your power, and your attention... even I want your attention, through writing this blog!!! If you are in a situation where someone is attempting to control you, if your inner "bullsh*t detector" is warning you, or if you have any intuition or inkling at all about the motivation behind the person trying to control you, STOP, have a look at the evidence and the results, and think for yourself.

No one has the real answers. No one really knows everything. Anyone who tells you they know the ultimate truth is simply another player in the great experiment of life that we are all participating in. They know maybe a little bit more or a little bit less than you, and your experience is just as valid as theirs (maybe you have something to share, if you look at your own experience --- consider looking within instead of seeking knowledge from others all the time!)

  • If someone wants to share the real secret with you (especially for a fee), be very wary ---- are they preying on your emotions?
  • Are they turning up the fear, shame, or anger?
  • Are they pushing your guilt buttons?
  • Are they hinting that you're not currently "acceptable" the way you are, but you could change if you follow their program?

Maybe you don't need that particular person, or group, or individual, or message--- at this particular time. Maybe you never need someone else telling you the right way to behave, think, or act.

The universe is incomprehensibly large. Human beings understand certain things, but not all things.

Many people work to understand and explain our reality. Even here on this website, I talk about dreams, inspiration, achievements, belief, leadership, connection, declarations, and community. But there are many instructors available, not just one "true path."

Include your own conscience, your inner light, and your own truth-telling in the mix --- you have knowledge and skills to share, too. The things that enter into your life become a part of your life, so take your time and be sure you want to allow a new influence into your personal zone. Make sure everything passes your b.s. detector.

Don't give up your critical thinking power to someone else --- you have a brain and unique skills, so use them and Think For Yourself.