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Thinking on a Global Scale

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

What level are you currently thinking at?

Your current job, your current neighborhood, or your current housing situation may be the limit of your thinking. Perhaps your city's crime rate, or the governor's politics in your state, or your country's economic outlook is the limit of your thinking. Perhaps you take a global approach and view the entire planet as being a part of a world economy.

Consider expanding to a galactic standpoint: imagine if our planet participates as one within many, in a federation of worlds exchanging goods, products, and services in an unlimited marketplace:  You can always expand the level of your thinking.

Currently in the United States, profits in the third quarter of 2010 were $1.659 trillion, about 28 percent higher than a year before, and the highest year-to-year increase on record. This is at a time when unemployment is at 9% of the workforce, or one out of ten workers. 

How can this be? This is happening because the leadership of our companies are outsourcing their labor costs to other countries.

If we want to build on a national scale, we must come up with our own leadership. Let's think and act in response not only to the bottom line of profit, but also for the benefit of our people, and the workers and families that depend on us, as well as for the benefit of the environment.

  • Let's consider how to create, sustain, and build prosperous communities.
  • Let's consider how to work with our neighbors.
  • Let's support local businesses, woman-owned businesses, minority-owned companies, green organizations, and veteran-owned companies.
  • Let's mentor a new generation of leaders.
  • Let's learn how to circulate money within our own economy, instead of shipping it elsewhere.
  • Let's consider how to focus on quality, handmade, and lasting products.
  • Let's do it right the first time.
  • Let's focus on success.
  • Let's share knowledge, help each other, and give back. 
  • Let's lend a helping hand to the other people in our communities who are working so hard to make a better life for themselves and their loved ones.


Let's think big, but let's act on a local basis: step by step we make a difference, together.



(photo by Paul Butler)

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